Friday, May 04, 2007

Five Years of FoShizzle Fantastic


How can Hayden be five? How?

I wanted to put this video on here today because what it contains pretty much sums up Hayden's existence.

Hayden came into our room the other night after he was supposed to be in the bed.

I know.

I confess.

Hayden seems to be able to get out of bed more than our other kids with out getting in trouble for it...because...

He obviously sits in his room and cooks up something hysterical or absolutely through the roof creative before venturing into our bedroom.

He walks in our room, does or says something so funny that I start laughing...Aaron laughs too, but is better about hiding it. Aaron will say, "Hayden, your mom thinks you're funny, but I don't. Go to bed." Then Aaron laughs out loud after Hayden leaves our room.

The other night he came into our room just so we could say, "Go back to bed."

To this he responded...

As soon as he finished his performance, instead of saying, "Go to bed, Hayden," Aaron said, "Sweet. Come back in here and do that again."

Of course Hayden did. That's his ultimate goal. He wants us to beg for more. He lives for the encore performance.


So funny.

We can't bring ourselves to tell him that pooce is not what goes at the end of all those gansta signs he's throwing down.

We just can't.


Williams Family said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!! I hope you have a great day!

Love ya,

Melodi said...

Happy Birthday, Hayden!!! We love you!


The Henrys

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!
Have a great day.
We Love you

Ms. Kathryn, Michael and Alex

Garratts said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!
I love you. You are my bestest friend.

I miss you when I don't see you for long time.
Do you love me? ok that is all.

Bryce says hi hayden!

Garratts said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!! You are such a neat kid.

We love how much you mean to Reese. She thinks you are really special!

Love you,

BHG & Co. said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!

I liked your video, I thought you were funny... I made my daddy show it twice.

Was your party fun? I would have been there, but we have to drive a long way. We would have to drive a jet!

Talk to you later,

(Happy Birthday from the rest of the Gernenz clan too Hayden...


Jennifer Bacak said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!
There is much Hayden love in this house.
Feelin' ya,
The Bacaks