Sunday, May 06, 2007


When I'm's like...

I know I despise it for some reason...besides the obvious one.
Packing reminds me of something.

But what?

It's driven me nuts trying to figure out what it is I hate so much that is so similar to packing.

Last night in the bed it came to me!

When I was almost asleep it hit me. Into my dark room, I blurted out the word...


I hate Tetris.

Packing is just like playing Tetris.

Wicker baskets and wooden crates and picture frames, falling from the air into a cardboard abyss.

It's so frustrating.

When playing Tetris and packing, I realize my brain doesn't roll that way. It's broken.

When the shapes fall, there are always gaps that I could not foresee when the object was in mid air.

When I go to put the next item into the box it doesn't fit at not even close, but I could have sworn it would before I physically tried to place the new object in the box.


I never play Tetris.

Just being near the game of Tetris makes me feel nervous, sweaty and like a failure. If my kids are playing it...I divert my eyes from the TV when I walk by.

I hate it that much.

I won't even look at my own blog since this picture of that wretched game is on here.

Just looking at it makes me feel dumb.

Now I've had to feel dumb into 9,000 boxes.

My self esteem is suffering because of moving.

Down with Tetris.

Down with packing.


Garratts said...

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE TETRIS. I am not sure we can be friends anymore. JK!

Have a ever told you that I love to move too. I love packing.

I know I am a doo doo head!

Hendrick Family said...

That's why we CAN be friends. Someone who loves Tetris to the degree that you love Tetris is the friend who keeps this Tetris hating friend from losing things all the time.

Someone has to love Tetris or this whole world might fall apart.

And why aren't you over here playing Tetris into all my boxes if you like it so much...huh??

That really is doo doo of you.

Did Mike get my text message about Rudy working at Laynes? I'm going by there and taking his picture...and then I'm putting him on my blog. It's just too weird that Sam Wise works for you. Way too weird. I want him to take his shoes off at work.

BHG & Co. said...

Why did you have to and mention Layne's... I want to eat there now, but I do not have the time to drive 4 hours round-trip... not to mention the fuel it would thake to get me there... next time I get to CS will have to be a Layne's Chicken & special sauce day.

On another note... I like tetris... i like it a lot. I wish I could play it, but that's game is not on my phone...

Melodi said...

I LOVE Tetris!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I used to play it on Mark's cool iPAQ - that geeky electronic friend of his - but then it SOMEHOW got removed! might have been an idol of mine....

BUT, never fear. Packing is NOT an idol of mine. I don't love packing. At all. In fact, when the kids ask me what we're going to do with all these bedrooms when they move out eventually, I say, "Grandparent Camp for your kids!" I don't want to pack and move from here. Because I just don't want to ever pack again. I'm not very nice during packing. I bet you are still very nice during packing, Heather. Yet another reason I should not help you pack. I would ruin your niceness with my not niceness.

In fact, I have about 4 boxes of little girl clothes on the landing right now that are overflowing onto the floor, waiting to be organized and returned to the owner. I even had to ask two awesome college girls from church to come help me pack them. That's sad, isn't it? I just get depressed when I look at them.

the amy's said...

Tetris is on my phone. That is how much I enjoy that game. The funny thing is I still can't pack well. My grandmother though can pack an elephant into a suitcase. That has always bothered me. HA HA HA!