Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy Kids!

After school is our favorite time of the day!

Our kids wait literally by the window for the neighborhood kids to get home.

So fun!

What precious kids!


Bev Brandon said...

What I see is kids who belong to somebody

kids who know someone is watching them

Jesus is always inviting us to His party whether we are the prodigal or pride-filled brother or Zaccheus in the tree stepping down. He's coming to your house today!

Just read every one of 45 comments on your blog from link on D.O.'s blog and what I think about all the musings is this: Psalm 45:11 - your God is so enthralled with the beauty of your life Heather! You honor Him so...Brookie 2 Shoes Mom

Anonymous said...

That's freaking AWESOME!!

What a witness to them and to us!


Jennifer Bacak said...

I love brown kids...and I love that skinny white girl in the middle. Who wouldn't want to come over to y'alls house after school?