Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When Tidying Up A Bit is a Joy

Cleaning the house does not normally bless my soul.

This morning it did.

I found this picture in a pile of Hayden's art on the dining room table.

To think that the Holy Spirit sat down next to my son and watched him color...speaking to him...and that Hayden is beginning to recognize His voice...

All while I was doing dishes at the sink....

It's almost too much.

Yes, this picture of a happy Jesus on a cross was found under a piece of paper that had a drawing of Star Wars men who all had enormous "boodies"...but still...

God broke into Hayden's thought process...

I pray for many more of those intimate, private moments between God and my son.

1 Corinthians 2:10
But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets.


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

What a joy! He is in our midst! Jesus bless that sweet Hayden.

Ber said...

this is probably the wrong post to write this on.

but....it's 5 in the morning and i'm laying in the middle of my bedroom floor crying.

for no reason other than the fact that i deem you the funniest woman i know.

which, conveniently enough, works out well for me. because my humor has somehow been compared to yours....a number of times.

and yes, things get funnier the later [earlier?] it gets. but....regardless....as if i didn't like you enough already....whoa dang.

i feel like if i had laid here and laughed to the point of probably 200+ tears, it would make me a stalker if i didn't at least tell you that were the case.

"i didn't sleep last night"
"why not?"
"because i spent hours reading heather hendrick's blog and laughing ((so much that i woke up my roommate through 2 closed doors...))"
"don't you have two tests on friday? shouldn't you have pulled an all-nighter to study?"
"yes. and yes. but...heather is far more entertaining than abe lincoln."

just for the record, that conversation hasn't happened with anyone yet. mostly because it's 5 a.m. and they're all asleep. but, i've got a feeling it will happen.

[i'm not skizophrenic. don't call the police. i'm just that 'scenario girl' that you make fun of all the time. bahaha. dangit....i'm losing cool points left and right.]

be proud. i might fail my tests, but dangit you're funny.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Love the artwork Hayden! If you go to my brother's church in Houston(Chris Seay-check them out at Ecclesia.org) they have an art gallery, and even people during the service who paint and express their worship artistically. This is definitely a form of worship, starting with our four-year-olds!
Love them!

Grandma said...

Papi and I were just wondering how long it has been since you watched "Old Yeller." I admit, I spend the whole 2 hours dreading the end. But I do enjoy it more nowadays, because Arless looks more and more like Master Hayden. Of course, Arless needs a long, deep, continuous whooping, unlike beautiful Hayden, who is getting to know Jesus more every day!

BHG & Co. said...


I like your picture. It looks fun, because Jesus died on the cross for our sins. If he didn't die on the cross for our sins, we would have our sins forever and sin is not fun. Jesus is better than anything else. That's why I like your picture.


(I tried to ask Noah why he used the word fun... and those are things he said as I tried to understand. For what I can gather, Noah thinks Jesus is fun... praise God! - Bill)