Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tortillas and Tushies

My Hayden

Source of much laughter



Incredibly sweet

Constantly listening to his MP3 Player

Singing loudly

Living la vida loca

Hayden is my child that runs head first into danger, into trouble, into moving objects with out ever pausing to think.

He is my only child that sees a stranger's large rear end at HEB...eye level to he reaches out and grabs it.

With out thinking he shouldn't.

Even after I give him an "Oh my gosh" look...he simply shrugs, as if to say..."There was no way of avoiding what just happened. Her rear was there...I was there...It looked smooshy...I needed to prove my theory with a hands on you go."

I have watched him do things like this his entire life.

Once, at the zoo, a man was behind a huge table full of salt water. The purpose of this table was to allow kids to GENTLY touch some ocean animals. The animals they could touch were in shallow pans.

We made the mistake of not watching Hayden like a hawk.

I looked over at my child AFTER I hear this strange man firmly speaking to my silly son.

Somehow, Hayden had gotten his shoe OFF and then stepped on a star fish.


He said he wanted to feel it with his foot.


If I had a dollar for every time I have walked around a corner and said, “What on earth were you thinking?” I would be the highest paid stay at home mom in America.

He’s learning NOT to do all the things he used to do with out thinking…but I get to still hear what it was he was about to do….which is always entertaining.

Now sometimes before he does something, I watch him.

He pauses.

He thinks.

Then he says, “Mom…of course I’m not going to wipe mud all over my belly.”

“That’s so good, Hayden” I say.

That’s been the pattern for weeks now.

He always stops.


Then starts his sentence with “Of course I’m not going to….”

My favorite moment came a couple nights ago.

I was holding Joseph feeding him a bottle.

Hayden came around the corner holding a huge, round, burrito sized tortilla.

He was about to eat it.

He stood a couple feet from me…paused, looked at his enormous tortilla and thought.

Then, out it came…

“Mom, of course I’m not going to put this tortilla on his head.”


Now that’s progress.


Rachel said...

That's really great! Does this mean Hayden thinks my hiney is squishy? Several months ago, I was standing in the hallway at church talking with someone and you (Heather) walked by holding Hayden's hand. With his other hand, he poked my hiney and kept walking.

Hendrick Family said...

Wow, Rachel...

Sorry you were "Haydened."

Hopefully next time he will say as we're walking down LH's hall...

"Mom, of course I'm not going to touch Mrs. Rachel's boody."


I'll keep praying!


D.O. said...


I miss Hayden as much as I miss any other person in College Station.

Tell him I love him, and that he's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,

Tell Poppi Hendrick to start blogging again. I really enjoyed when he use to write. Hes very insightful and has a lot of good thoughts on things.


texasmcvays said...

I thought I was going to die when Parker said at Autozone "His but is eeeeeeeeenormous" I am sure I would have keeled over if she had reached out and grabbed it! This post made me laugh out load...thanks. Its also a great reminder to check the heart of the matter. To discipline rebellion, correct 'confusion' and most of all laugh, love and pray, pray and pray again! Thanks your posts rock! Kyle