Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One Happy Cripple

This news is backwards.

We cut the shirt.

He lived.

He did cry.

But he lived.

We cleaned him.

He smells nice.

He smiled.

He loves his new pj's.

Because the process of going from standing up to laying down hurts so much, Ashton decided he would stand for the rest of his life.

We waited.

He changed his mind after about 30 minutes.

He's now back in our floor watching Dora.

He gets to take some good drugs now.

We might all get some sleep tonight!

Ashton has a new blankie formerly
known as favorite pajamas.

Tomorrow Ashton gets to wear a cool
arm sling AND his new "Cars" pajamas.

Hayden will be so jealous.

"As God as our witness, we will NEVER
let boys sleep with out bed rails again."


texasmcvays said...

I am so glad to see a happy little Ashton! Poor kid he probably woke up so stunned he did not even realize he fell out of his bed...but even God has turned this event to good for the little feller!

Hendrick Family said...

I was thinking a minute ago..

I'm not sure if Anson and Hayden were in the bathroom when we cut Ashton's pajama's off of him.

However, if they were, I kind of wish I could have seen their reaction.

Surely Anson wasn't, or seeing us do something so wrong like cut clothes with scissors would have made him run out of the bathroom and immediately call the police.

Hayden would have been so proud of his parents...trying new things. I'm sure if he witnessed this, I will find several days worth of cut up shirts when I do laundry this week. He will definitely have to try this new way of exiting his attire...I'm sure of it.

They are all SO DIFFERENT!! That's so amazing to me.


Karen said...

Oh my poor sweet Ashton! I hope you feel better and I am way jealous you get some fun new jammies!!!

CarpioFamily said...

Oh, wow! Poor little Ashton! We will be praying for him, if you need anything ( more pj's or special treats) let me know, i will run out for him. He's such a sweet boy.

P.S. Didn't Reese and Hayden fracture their collar bones last year?

Garratts said...

Yes they did. And it was within days of each other.

Kinda weird.

Hendrick Family said...

The difference between Ashton and Hayden's scenarios is that Ashton was SLEEPING and fell out of his bed onto a hard floor.

When Hayden started screaming, I ran to him, asked him what he did and he said, "Nothing." Then, when the ER doctor asked him what he did he said, "I was doing a skateboard trick off the couch."

Those imaginary skateboards can do some major damage.

There's a picture on Hayden's blog of Reese and Hayden in their collar bone slings. It's perfect...both wearing their slings at a birthday party, and pretending to be in a rock band. That's them!!!

Kathryn Berilla said...

Poor little thing. I am glad that he is better. I will be praying for him.

Brandon said...

I love the Hendrick family a whole lot.

I feel really bad for Ashton, but reading this story just made me realize how much I love you guys.

I wonder if they make pajamas like that in my size?

JoCa said...

Poor Ashton! I hope he gets better soon. We will be praying for you guys. At least he's got some fun new pajamas.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Why can't kids break things during the day? I don't know how y'all survived a whole day without sleep. We love you Ashton!!! No more broken things, k? Between all the boys we have in this house and yours, I think the odds are there will be more broken things. Or in our case, stitches. I guess we're partial to stitches around here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashton,

I hope you are feeling better real soon. Sorry about your collar bone. Don't try to break everything that Hayden does. It could keep you really busy.

Hope to see you again soon. We can line up like a gazillion cars all in a perfectly straight line pointed in the same direction of course. You know I need help getting them all right.

Love you,