Saturday, February 03, 2007

When a Baby Shows Up at Your Door


Unmarried men may not want to read this nor may any woman who has not had a baby, but doesn’t want to be terrified to do so one day.

Perks to having a baby you didn’t have:

A bitty baby is here and I still wake up every morning and put on my cool jeans.

After I birth a baby, I always make it a point to immediately dye my hair some insane color. My strategy is simple. A flaming hair color draws attention to my head and away from my line backer backside. My hair is the same color today as it was on Monday. Get out!

The first night this little one was here, Jenn came over to bring him some pacifiers. We were sitting on my bed. She was folding laundry. I was holding the baby and sitting in the same position I always sit when I'm feeding one of my own babies in my bed. Jenn and I were talking and having a good old time. All of a sudden I said, “Wow. It’s so fun to be sitting here holding this barely born baby, talking to you…and I don’t have an ice pack in my panties.” Word up.

See…right here if you are an unmarried man, you are in a state of confusion and maybe even feel a little nauseous. Some of you may be thinking, “As gruesome as it sounds, I wish I had some idea what she was talking about.” The funny thing is, I know if EJ reads this, he’s the only person who will come right out and demand clarification on all these horrifying mysteries.

I got the hippest diaper bag from Target and got another opportunity to go into the store, Gymboree. That store is way too expensive for every day shopping, but I just don’t think a baby can be born and not have a Gymboree outfit and matching blanket. It’s a rule.

Although I am incredibly tired, I am so grateful to be a part of this new child’s first days in this world. What a privilege. I have broken down and wept with joy and thanksgiving just to be allowed to witness new life…to celebrate it…to welcome it…to let new life sleep in my room. I’ve done that with all my kids at some point, but I thought it was just because they were mine. It’s not. New life is a miraculous event. Just being entrusted with another human being’s survival…to care for them is so humbling and beautiful. I have told the Lord over and over while holding this sweet baby… “I can do nothing but worship you right now. The smell of this baby…it’s fingers, its toes…they testify to who you are, God…and it’s too much for me.” My senses have overloaded with admiration of the Lord because of this child.

Nonperks to having a baby you didn’t have:

People keep bringing food. Now that part is a perk. Woo-who for food and people bringing it. Living Hope is so awesome, it makes me insane with gratitude sometimes! I tried to tell them not to, but they insist on being super duper.

Thanks for the enchiladas last night, Pauline…they were so yum.

Anyway…these people keep bringing good food. After birthing a baby, I tell myself that I can eat what I want…I’m breastfeeding for crying out loud. I’m working out in my rocking chair. Well, I’ve been eating the same amount I normally do after one of my babies get here, but I’m not burning any breastfeeding calories. I also can’t go to the gym until this baby is 6 weeks old. Eating like a breastfeeding mother when I’m not one + no cardio for six weeks = I’m going to look like a manatee.

I don’t think Aaron realized until now how much me breastfeeding contributed to the amount of children we have in our home. I won’t go into details, but this new baby has made it very obvious that one of the main reasons we have several children has more to do with the fact that my breasts quadruple in size and that they remain quite visible for months while I nourish our newborn child than it does that Aaron just loves being sleepy. I think Aaron feels incredibly jipped that my shirt has consistently remained in the on position.

Weird things about having a baby you didn’t have:

Biracial babies look like white babies when they are born and get darker every day. Kyle, why didn’t you tell me this? This has to freak out some parents in the hospital.

Bottles have so many parts, they make me want to cry sometimes. They are the equivalent of legos. The parts are everywhere, and I wish there were a class I could have taken called, “Making a Bottle in the Middle of the Night.” I should have practiced blindfolded and perfected my time before a bottle-fed baby arrived here. Right now I stink at it. When the baby is crying and I’m trying to make a bottle, I feel like I do when I’m having to order under pressure at Freebirds or Jason’s Deli. I get sweaty.

Formula looks like coffee creamer.


Brandon said...

I agree about EJ...

and that is real funny.

Ryan Price said...

You know... when the first thing you put on the blog is that guys shouldn't read this... that's kinda like a big green light for us to just go ahead and see what it says!!

Maybe you should put a password protection or something on these girly ones. I think I could have waited til I have a kid of my own to learn some of that info! haha!

LD said...

What?! Still no picture?? Heather, I'm dying here. I check this blog 8 times a day hoping for a picture. I thought FOR SURE when the post came up that I would finally get to see this incredible creature. Someone go take a picture and post it quick! Some of don't have the privelege of metting this precious baby tonight b/c we don't live in College Station anymore. Help us out!

Anonymous said...

ryan, because you can not follow warning lables is not heather's fault... wade

Melodi said...

Amen to raising babies we didn't birth! How much easier can it get?? Sleeping through the night when they arrive is the only way it could get easier. The key to the bottle-making bonanza is to get two days worth of bottles ready, keep them in the refrigerator, and give them to the baby cold. EEKS! I know many of you just took a giant gasp! Yes, babies love their bottle just as much if it's cold. You train them to like it whichever way you always give it to them. There is nothing magic in a warmed bottle. When your 2 days worth of bottles is running out, get someone to come over and make some more for you! Kaycee is good at this. If you don't have enough bottles to last 2 days, tell me! I'll buy you some more! May we always have bottles and diapers in our homes. :)

Ashley Driskell said...

Congrats! ya'll have so much on your plates yet still find time for everything the Lord calls you to do. You are truly a blessing and encouragement to me :)

Brooke said...

i'm with lauren..... you're killin' me heather! i NEED a picture. if you can't post one, e-mail it to me or something. ask aaron to do it.... you need to go re-fill your two days worth of bottles before you knock yourself out in the dark!

texasmcvays said...

Yes, Heather when they handed me Peyton I was shocked she was much lighter than I expected. Then of course there are the weeks of people asking me if I am their nanny!(lol) However, I would pay money to have a picture of the confused and shocked look on my (very dark skinned) father's face when they handed him Parker...the whitest of my babies. As far as making bottles in the middle of the night, take it from someone whose been know, way more than once, to walk smack into a wall when little ones 'gently' awaken you ....DONT, make 2 before you go to sleep put them in the fridge and then just snag them on the way to the crib. That way you know the baby is having the formula and you are having the creamer. Much Love...and biracial babies rock!
Pictures please!

UW said...

I don't want any pictures, I don't want bottles, I don't want babies, I'm glad you do. You can have my share. I'll be coming down next week I'll occupy the older children and help keep the younger one awake.

UW said...

I don't want any pictures, I don't want bottles, I don't want babies, I'm glad you do. You can have my share. I'll be coming down next week I'll occupy the older children and help keep the younger one awake.

Pauline said...

I am here to offer an alternative to the COLD bottle, yuck! Pre-measure your formula into your bottle and put it right next to your bed with a bottle of water. Baby cries and BAM pour the water in, give it a little shake and your good to go. This method does not involve a trip all the way to the kitchen. I also recommend only having three bottles at your house. If you have tons they roll under the bed and car seats during frantic feeding times, then you find them weeks later and its like a bomb going off when you pop the top. This way you are keeping track of where they are and cleaning them more frequently. Plus it saves space.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Biracial babies- yea! We can form a "mother of biracial babies fan club!" I'll gladly be the president. We can vote on a Vice President, secretary, and Treasurer. (Heather, Melodi, and Kyle.) Ha!
My biracial boys are the loveliest shades of brown now, but Justus looked totally white when he came home from the hopsital. He got a little darker every day. I'm in love with brown babies.
I'm in love with being Mom to babies I didn't birth as well. It's amazing. Having the amazing opportunity to do both (birth and adopt) is God's gift. It teaches us so much about God!
Bottles suck, and I'd give any superfluous organ I have to be able to nurse again. Down with buying, fixing, and warming bottles!
We love your little new life so much Heather!!!!