Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Denial

We are boycotting Valentines Day in the Hendrick house today.

By unanimous vote at a family meeting, we decided that we would not be celebrating Valentines Day in this home...

Until Friday.

Yep. We up and moved it.

I LOVE this holiday.

But not today.

Danny and Hayden are both still very sick.

Hayden went back to the Amazing Dr. Bacak today.

They don't even feel like eating candy.

We can't have Valentines Day with out lots of hugs, kisses and candy consumption.

Right now, with snot running down their face and fever, they are keeping their love and their faces to themselves.

So Friday will be the day we wake up and eat candy in our cereal.

Friday will be the day that Aaron buys me chocolate and tells me how much he loves me.

Friday will be the day that we make sweet cards to give to our friends.

Friday will be the day when I get Aaron a gift rated, "M" for married.

So we are ignoring all the red and pink hearts we see today.

They mean nothing to us.

The Hendrick lovefest will be on Friday.

So no one wish us Happy Valentines Day.

We will look at you like you're crazy...because you obviously forgot when Valentines Day actually is....


1 comment:

Brooke said...

even though valentine's day is Friday... don't be surprised when you go to the store to buy v-day stuff and it's all on sale! you can buy twice as much chocolate!!! valentine friday---- brilliant.

happy early valentine's day!!!