Friday, February 23, 2007

That Poor Boot

I walked into the dining room to find

cute little boy


coloring book

three year old fisted hand turning Ninja Turtles green

As I passed by the precious person I heard him say in his so tiny voice...

more to the turtles than to me

"I tee-teed in a boot."

I looked past the paper turtles to the open door behind my child

And saw

a boot that had indeed been peed in and upon

I walked, dumbfounded, back to the child whose chubby fingers held the green and said,

"Did you tee-tee in that boot?"

He did not look up.

He did not stop.

He was drawing lines on the turtle ninja's head and said...


I called for Aaron.

Aaron came.

Ashton colored.

I said, "Will you tell your Daddy what you did?"

I think Aaron was expecting to hear something related to arts and crafts.


Ashton kept working


Creating away in his race car underwear.

White, pudgy baby legs sticking out begging to be squeezed.

Studying Raphael Ashton answered his dad...

"I tee-teed in a boot."

Mother laughing.

Father wondering if he should discipline this child.

Ashton transforming turtles from gray to green.

Kids have a way of turning a gray world green.

That's life with boys.

Life with boots.

Life with tee tee and the various "What in the world were you thinking?" places to put it.


Hendrick Family said...

My favorite part of this post is that you can see the boot behind Ashton in the top picture if you look very carefully!

He was coloring...went and did his thing...then got right back to coloring.


Karen said...

Oh Heather your life with all those boys never seems to have a dull moment! I would have laughed too! I just love little Ashton!
PS I saw Anson's skink yesterday at the Henry's ... EW!

CarpioFamily said...

ok, see i'm glad others have boys who do random stuff... the other day Easton went out side and was playing with his water gun, all the sudden he came to the back door with his shovel and my mop bucket with Dog Doo in it. I laughed, told him to wash his hands, and threw my mop bucket over the fence. I know he sees me do it, but i never thought he would do it instead of playing with his water gun... boys can sometimes have the oddest thought process...go potty in the house or in the boot.....Play with my water gun or pick up dog doo...

Anonymous said...

LOL..... now that is funny. I am surprised he didn't line at least two of them up in a perfectly straight line, all facing the exact same way and pee in a perectly straight line into both of them.


aimee said...

This is just priceless! I am so glad you shared it.

My friend caught her son tee-teeing in the dirt yesterday so he would "have mud for his trains to get dirty like on Thomas, Mama!"

Those boys!


Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Dad!!

You are so right. I am surprised as well. One boot...and the fact that some did not make it inside perfectly would usually really bother him!!

Kathryn Berilla said...

Oh boys, they realize they have the advantage of being able to pull down their pants, TRY to aim and pee. Alex will go anywhere if you would let him.
Michael and Alex think it is fun to go at the same time and hit each others pee.

Melodi said...

You see! THIS is why the boys felt so sorry for Hannah when she was born! One of them was watching me change her diaper and in the most forlorn voice said, "Ahhhh....she doesn't have a wee...."

Ryan Price said...

Thatta boy Ashston... thatta boy!!

I wish I was still at the age where people thought it was cute when you peed in your shoes...

I love that kid!

Jennifer Bacak said...

He's just using his superpower. Girls do not have this ability, or desire probably, to aim their pee. Boys...

texasmcvays said...

That is truly life with boys! My girls would never consider peeing into their precious pink kitty boots! ...

--matt g said...

when i was his age
i came home from school
unzipped my new backpack
put it in the corner of our
carpeted living room
and tee teed
my new backpack
i don't know why...
it just felt right

i think i got a spanking too.

Haley said...

Heather, I rarely read blogs, but Lauren Garrison/Helton sent me this at work and it made my day. I realized that the reason why we don't have a blog is because it doesn't really get interesting until you have kids :) or 5 boys in the house under the age of're my hero!