Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Whirlwind of What Nots

Wow. A Lot has happened lately.

Christmas came. It was great. Aaron and I were in the kitchen Christmas morning. It was almost 9 a.m. Anson was still asleep. The other boys were watching TV or playing quietly in the living room. Aaron said, “I’m so proud of our kids. It’s 9 o’clock (I love writing the word o’clock) in the morning. Anson is still asleep. The other kids have not even mentioned opening presents.” I was proud of them too.

We got away for a few days and visited with family.
It was wonderful.

Ashton turned three and had a little birthday party.

My baby is three.

I have baby fever right now so bad I can hardly take it. All my friends are pregnant or have newborns. I want to steal one. We have a baby bed up in our house that no one sleeps in, but I can't stand the thought of not having it up. We've had a baby bed for 8 years. I want another baby to put in it!!

We are praying about what to do about my dilemma. The thing we are the most unsure about is whether my fever will ever go away. Are we really supposed to have some more babies, or will I just always want another one when my next BABY TURNS THREE? Will I end up like that crazy lady with all the cats...except the cats will be kids? I don't know. But I keep telling Aaron that all our friends are doing it. Literally.

I updated our blog to the new version, because "they" threatened to send the blog mob after me if I didn’t. I was truly terrified. The only awful thing that happened was all my Her Hands chapters got stuck under the dashboard and profile of this page because I used the same email address. Pants. It’s all sort of a mess, but I would have to hire someone to fix it. It makes me want to cry or get rid of computers altogether just thinking about it. Aaron has informed me that "Beta Blogger" is not thug talk for "Better Blogger." Beta actually means something in the computer world. I thought Blogger was just being cool and hip. Nope. I'm still saying it in my gangsta voice. It's just fun.

Now I’m thinking about my New Years Resolutions.

I like there to be spiritual ones cause that’s super important, but I also like to make up stupid ones. I set the standards really low so I can make sure I accomplish them. How about, “I resolve to hip hop dance every time I hear a Toby Mac song no matter where I am.”


“I resolve to learn the names of the Star Wars people so I have some sort of idea what my kids are talking about.”


“I resolve to shave my legs every single day. Even if it's not Wednesday." Some of you are laughing and get that, huh.


“I resolve to thaw out meat in the morning for supper.”


“I resolve to change out the toilet paper roll every time I use the last of the toilet paper.”

Wait. I use an unconventional amount of toilet paper. That one will be too hard. Scratch that. I will have to be older and more mature to do that one.

Or I know...

“I resolve to learn how to have a Spanish accent.”

Not learn Spanish. That's not a low bar type of resolution. I just want the accent. My favorite commercial this holiday season was the one that said, “All I do is give to you Isabella.” “I deserve it Rodrigo.” I’ve said it a million times.

And, come on, there is no better Christmas song than Feliz Navidad. WHENEVER it came on, I blared the radio and sang it loud. One year, Hayden said, “Listen mom. That man is talking in Dora!” I’m singing it right now. It’s so good. I only know the Feliz Navidad part. The other part I make up every time. It’s part of the magic.

I’m still thinking.

I’m sure there are other mediocre things I can come up with that I can certainly do in a year to make me feel terrific about myself. The key is setting the bar low. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

It does not surprise me at all that you have embraced the newest form of communication. We also have a family site on blogspot.

You all look so happy!

Avoiding the risk of being too wordy on a comments section, I'll sign off...

-Erin (Walline)

Hendrick Family said...


I loved the Christmas card. Your kids are beautiful.

Will you email me your family's blog address?

D.O. said...

ummm... I can't stand Feliz Navidad... it's tied for the worst Christmas song with "Do You Hear What I Hear"

Anonymous said...

What a lucky guy I am I am said I, to have such a fantastic daughter and her awesome family.

A lucky guy I am I am said I.

(So many wonderful kids around over the holidays has me a bit "cat in the haterish").

Heather's most proud father.

Garratts said...

That is too sweet, what your dad wrote!

Ben said...

That commercial almost drove me nuts this Christmas – the Burlington coat factory one. “All I do is give to you Isabella…” I’ll be willing to bet there are marketing scientists that track just how brain-engraving these things are… whatever they do, its in there and its not leaving any time soon.