Sunday, November 05, 2006

When Pumpkins Go Bad

I think Aaron and I are having an official stand off.

Who should have to pick our moldy, imploded, old-man-pumpkin up and carry him to the trashcan?

Our stand off has never been spoken out loud.

I’m sure neither of us want to admit that we’re secretly standing our ground.

To admit that would mean we were also admitting we are stupid.
Maybe the pumpkin will just break down, right before our very eyes...turn to pumpkin goo...become one with the porch, and this will all be over.

Maybe one day we'll grow up.


Aaron said...

This is no stand-off.

I would gladly throw away the old man, but its just so interesting watching him grow older and more decrepit right before my eyes.

This is no stand-off.
It's a science experiment.

So far he has gotten shorter, his face has sunk in, and the part that was on top of his head has fallen off (actually it fell down inside of him).
It's so like human aging it amazing.

So I'm just curious to see what happens next.

But if it's that big of a deal, I'll get rid of the old man.

Isn't that just like us to just get rid of the elderly.

Mom and Dad, I promise when you get old and you shrink and your face sinks in and you lose what was on top ...

I won't just get rid of you.

No matter how much Heather wants me to.

Garratts said...

Ours did the same thing. It eventually became flat, because as you know my husband does nothing quickly. And I for sure wasn't going to touch the thing.

It was HG night and I told him he had to get rid of it. It had fur by then.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Rusty stepped it up in our house, because I too, was not touching it.
Everytime I walked past it, it became more and more disghusting. Like each minute, a new patch of fungus grew.
This SHOULD be a homeschool lesson on how you look when you smoke for a long time. This is a slightly sped up version of aging with nicotine. We could have done this the week we studied the human body!
But let me tell you the conclusion to your experiment...a permanent stain on your porch.
Oh yes, you will find a stain from Halloween 2005 on our porch, people.
So throw your pumpkins away, and QUICK!

CarpioFamily said...

ok, so yes, i had aproblem throwing ours out. this was Easton's 1st pumpkin he actually help on. I thought i could freeze it and preserve the memory, but time beat me and took the life of my pumpkin. oh and heather, do you think you could let Hayden put bugs inside it, some bugs LOVE decaying matter.

Kathryn Berilla said...

OK I am having visions of bad smells and nasty bugs.

Those are two of my least favorite things.

I will have nightmares.

I know there is a list of favorite things going around.

If there were a list of least favorite things...bad smells and nasty bugs would rank right up at the top of the list.