Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get Your Scrubs On


That's it.

That's the solution.

When I see someone in scrubs I immediately think...


That's a working person.

They have clipboards.

They save lives.

Even if they are just saving the lives of dogs with exposed hiney holes...the fact remains...

They save lives.

What they do matters.

Scrub wearers cure people of parasites that have ruined their lives forever...GO Dr. Bacak!

Scrub sporters gave me epidurals just when I was positive I was about to meet Jesus instead of my new baby.

Aaron says that I practically told the anesthesiologist that I loved him and wanted to have HIS baby when the wonderful man in scrubs was hooking me up to the ziplock bag of heavenly liquid.

I'm sure I did, since that was in fact what I was thinking, just not aware my mouth was pulling a Benedict Arnold on my mind.

People in scrubs.

They do good things.

And, no matter where they go, or what they do, people in scrubs look...





Good in tennis shoes

These are all very good things.

I love all those things.

While I was blow drying my hair today, I thought...

I adore scrubs...the show and the clothing.

I love the show because it is the most accurate representation of how my mind works every moment of every day....half reality...half made-up comedy.

I love the show because it's like watching Josh Langston on TV.

I love the show because the African American version of Aaron's brother is right before my very eyes.

I love scrubs, the clothes, because you can be dirty, and people think it's awesome...not slovenly.

Blood on your scrubs is like a war wound.

If someone walked into any social gathering and had some throw up on their scrubs, I am not kidding, I am almost 100% positive, my first reaction would be, "Cool!"

I do not get that sort of reaction as a mom when someone points out to me that I have crusted boogers on my shoulder.

How is this fair?

Are you feeling the injustice?

Are you seeing why we need to start a mom's scrub wearing revolution?

Wearing scrubs, our children could blow their noses on us all day long. Our kids could fall out of forts and then bury their bleeding nostrils into our shirts. Our kids could go outside, get all muddy and then jump in an ant bed and we could pick them up, get covered in mud and ants ourselves...and then, on the way back to the house, they could pull their famous trick of being able to pee everywhere but in the diaper they are wearing...

ALL of those things could happen and you know what?

We would NEVER have to change our clothes.

Confetti should be shooting in the air and we should all be blowing those gecko tongue things right now.

This is getting me so excited.

If having bodily excretions on your shirt that you show off instead of hide isn't reason enough for wearing scrubs....then how about this one...

If you wear scrubs, you are practically wearing socially acceptable pajamas.

Who wouldn't want to do that?

So, here's my new idea.

I want to wear scrubs too.

I mean, come on....let's all face it...

Being a mom and being a medical doctor are practically the same thing.

I'm on call 24/7.

People throw up on me.

People wipe their nose on me.

Without patients, I mean patience I can't do what I do.

I have to figure out what is wrong with people all day long.

No less than 20 times a day I walk into a room where my children are doing something insane and say, "What is WRONG with you?"

See...I'm asking questions.

I'm diagnosing.

I'm doing things.

I'm House in my house.

We have tools in drawers that no one else gets to play with.

Maybe not gynecological ones or thermometer strips...but can openers and Ronco knives and grown up scissors.

Being a mom is exactly like being a nurse.

We nurse.

We disinfect.

We remove things from noses and ears and other body parts.

We deal with bodily excretions AND vacuum all at the same time.

"I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone. To please no one will I prescribe a deadly drug nor give advice which may cause his death."

Moms practically live the Hippocratic Oath.

No matter how much my kids want to drink the chemicals under the sink...I don't let them.



I should get scrubs for that.

And I never tell my kids to do a skateboard trick off the couch and break their collar bone. They do that on their own, but I don't advise them to do that. Instead, I say, "When you get back from the emergency room, I'm spanking you for what you just did...just so you know."

I should get scrubs!

Last night, I went to a baby shower.

At about 5 p.m. I changed out of my gym clothes (my unrespected uniform every day) and put on cute clothes.

Cute clothes...at 5 p.m.

I had to change because I couldn't go to a baby shower wearing my cut off gym pants and my Super Summer shirt.

People would think....look at her...what a slob...what does she do all day?

But, Lisa came to the shower last night in scrubs.


And it was so cute.

And I thought lovely things about her.

And so did everyone else.


Because Lisa has been saving lives at work all day (and reading my blog).

She is doing something that matters.

We were just thankful she could pause from her super hero, scrub wearing existence to come to a baby shower.

Her....her scrubs...and her tennis shoes.

If you wear scrubs, you have a permission slip from society to be comfortable and hard working...yet respected all at the same time.

Women....moms...let's get us some.

Our profession needs these.

Let's wear them proudly.

With our tennis shoes.

With our hair in pony tales.

With very little make up on because in scrubs, everyone will know...we're too busy saving the next generation to worry about something as trivial as eye liner.

No one cares if their doctor took the time to apply mascara...unless you see Dr. Bacak.

No one cares what doctors or nurses look like because they are wearing scrubs.

Scrubs mean you do things.

We do things.

I'm getting some.

Now, where do you get them?

And do you have to answer any anatomy questions before you purchase them?

Because if so, I'll need to brush up on my skills.

Right now, my anatomy vocabulary is pretty much limited to boody, nose, wee-wee, tummy and chi-chi's.


LD said...

Oh man, Heather, you are so right. Scrubs are amazing. In fact, scrubs are a big reason I chose to be a PA. Who wouldn't want to go to work in pajamas everyday?

You should totally get some. There's a whole store dedicated to scrubs in Bryan on 29th and they even sell the cute scrubs (www.urbanescrubs.com).

Be forewarned, scrubs are expensive. Wal-mart sells them for less, but not as cute.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Can you believe my husband opts NOT to wear scrubs to work everyday? I've been pleading with him for years to give up the shirts, ties, and slacks that must be washed and dry cleaned, and just wear scrubs. If you're a doctor, you can just get your name monogrammed with an M.D. on the shirt, and you look like you know stuff. He does procedures that are gross on people...he goes to the hospital for rounds in the morning at ungodly hours everyday...why not get up and throw on some scrubs...that DON'T have to be dry cleaned?
Someone tell me- do you think your doctor looks more trustworthy in a shirt and tie, or could he wear scrubs? Please, tell me!!!
And Rusty hates white coats so that is out.
But I so agree, Heather. Scrubs are great. I wear them to bed as P.J.'s, but could definitely go for all day scrubs. I actually DO have medical supplies in my drawers at our house, because that is what Jax plays with.
I'm for it.
And I laughed out loud when our employees a few years ago wanted a casual Friday. What???? They wear pajamas to work EVERY FREAKING DAY? You don't get more casual, and yet competent and practical clothing than scrubs.
This is the longest comment ever.

Hendrick Family said...

I vote that Dr. Bacak wear scrubs. It will look like he's just stepped out of surgery...that's real cool.

And...Dr. Salzar wears scrubs...and you know what that means.

All in favor of Dr. Bacak wearing scrubs, say "Down with dry cleaning."

Kathryn Berilla said...

Down with dry cleaning!!!

Scrubs are a good thing

Melodi said...

Down with dry cleaning! And then I won't feel like such a slob when I come in to his office with my shorts and sweatshirt!

LD said...

What on earth a chi-chi? Do I even want to know?

BHG & Co. said...

You still have a Super Summer T-shirt?? My word! Is it the one from the summer my wife met these crazy women (Lo-Beam & the other one), spent a week putting oreos on her teeth and made a friendship that chaged our life!! Tell me it's not from that summer... if it is an orange school '98 Super Summer shirt I may pass out!
(okay... a bit of an overstatement but go with me)

brandon said...

Rick Moranis...amen.

rachel said...

When I was in college, I worked at a day care in the afternoons. The required uniform for the day care workers was, you guessed it, scrubs. I loved wearing them because I felt so official. I also felt like it was okay for the kids to pretend to hug me, but really rub their snotty noses all over my shirt or leg so they could get the snot off of their mouth/nose area. I kept a few of my favorites, you could borrow them if you wanted to experiment in wearing them for a day before you buy some. They are really expensive!