Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Smart on my Face

I got new glasses today!

They are cool.

I feel smart…like my glasses make me know things...

Things about fractions and time zones…

It's unbelievable how something as simple as plastic propped on my ear tips can transform me into a scholar.

You people who wear glasses every day like it's no big deal, like they aren't exciting are now amazing to me.

How do you do it?

I can't imagine getting through the next few days with out pointing out to everyone that I have glasses.

I have glasses!

I felt so smartsy I wrote a new chapter today in my book.

I get to wear them for three days, all day.

This experiment will tell me if I need to wear them every day for the rest of my life.

Think of it! I could have super smart powers the rest of my life!

If my headaches get worse…I am supposed to only use my smart makers when I read.

If the beat goes on...on out of my head…

I get to wear cool glasses forever AND not have as many headaches!

Those who know me…

What will I do?

This is a riddle.

Only people with glasses may be able to solve it.

Three days.


That's one of the elements in a fairy tale.

I'll be living in a beautiful enchanted fairy tale, wearing brilliance on my nose for three days.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the question... I guess you'll post a blog about it.

I know you won't get contacts or LASIK, because you hate eyeballs, even your own.

Oh, and I need your help... read my blog.

Palermos said...

Well I have to say you do look very scholarly in your glasses..but more than that.. you look really cute! I've been needing to go get new glasses so this might be my motivation if I can look that cute! (wasn't there a skit where you said you wanted to be visually impaired so you could wear cute glasses?)

the Apels said...

You're so cute in your new glasses! I wanna be visually impaired so I can wear cute, tiny little glasses!

the Apels said...

haha...Larra, we were writing at the same time...yes, and that was really funny to me b/c I've totally thought the same thing...which is so silly!

Grandma said...

Is the answer "live happily ever after?" Even if it isn't, I hope you do. With or without the intelligence-generating glasses.