Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rub it Down, Yo!

Yes, I…

Heather Hendrick…

Wife of Aaron Hendrick, Worship Minister

Mother of four children...

Took a group of women to Stripper Class.
It was great fun.

Simmer down and take my word for it...
I learned tonight that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to look like a stripper if you’re laughing your butt off and snorting.

Really. No one worry.

So, I started getting ready at 6 p.m. tonight.

Aaron says, "What time is your class?"

I say, "It's at 7:45."

He says, a little confused, "Then, what are you doing?"

I say, "Are you kidding? It's going to take TIME to turn myself into a gangsta. gosh."

He left me alone to make my costume.

Hayden helped me.

I came out of my "workshop" and said, "Aaron, where is a bandana?"

You should have seen him.

I thought this was a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Don't people have bandanas?

It wasn't like I said, "Where do we keep the embalming fluid?"

He says, "I don't have a bandana."

Then I realized...

I haven't seen Aaron wear a bandana since he played tennis our senior year of high school.

His look was warranted.

It was a little unreasonable of me to think he should still possess his read bandana from 1995.

I laughed just thinking of a reason why my husband, present day, would ever put on a bandana.

What was I going to do?

I started the whole bandana craze.

I have imagined myself hip-hopping for weeks now, and in my made-up scenario, I was ALWAYS wearing a bandana. I imagined mine had rhinestones, with my name written on the front...but I was fine if that part did not come into reality.

But no bandana at all?

This could not be.

I could not roll to Body Jam minus a bandana.

Then I remembered...


Hayden has a Spider Man bandana he wears with his Rainbow Man costume.

Hayden saved the day.

I said, "Hayden, can I borrow your Spider Man bandana?"

He was so excited. He went RUNNING through the house to find it.

I put it on and he smiled so big at me.

He adored his mother in his Spider Man bandana.

It was like we were connected...forever...I could tell he knew, for sure...his mother gets him.

I do. I really do.

I changed outfits three times, and with the help of Aaron, finally felt like a real ghetto thug.

I'm sure Aaron has never been more proud.

I practically hip-hopped out the door I was so excited.
I wanted to wear my camo shirt, Kirby, but it did NOT go with my super hero headpiece.

I also wanted wrist bands like the girl in the picture, but the closest thing Hayden had were red, pharaoh arm bands with big plastic jewels glued to them. I'm sorry, but no...

Pharaoh armbands SO do not go with Spider Man bandanas.

Even I know that.

Hayden doesn't, but I do.

Darrin's Dance Grooves, here I come.

Word to Darrin's mother.

We get to class...the music starts pumpin'...yes, I said pumpin.'

It was wild.

We had to roll our and groove...all with attitude.

We did things like rub it down and shake our rears so hard and so fast, I thought mine was going to break loose, shoot through the glass and knock over a power lifter in the next room.

I literally went through an entire conversation in my head, trying to figure out what I would say exactly when I went to retrieve my unattached rear from the weightlifting area.

I was imagining all those serious men in there, with their muscles and their weights...and my broken boody hitting one of them on the head and then landing on the padded floor.

I never nailed down exactly what I would say, because we were dipping low and then exploding, but I knew I would for sure say, "I'm sorry about my butt" when I went to pick it up.

The class was really hard.

We were sweating.

I was overflowing with perspiration and home girls were shaking what their momma made em'. No joke. They all did so great!

I saw that lots of us improvised a bit...or lots of bits, if we're talking about me.

If you've ever seen a goat jump...that's what I looked like when our class took to the air.

It was great.

I will be practicing at home.

Especially the hip hop arms. I want to perfect that move.

When I reach for things, like a sippy cup, I'm going to use the hip hop arms.

Hip hop is going to become a way of life in the Hendrick house.

Why walk when you can MAMBA, twist and slice?

Why simply bend over to pick up Legos when I can duck, roll and ignite?

My hips hurt.

My stomach hurts.

When we first started, I felt so flexible. I felt all my million muscles moving individually.

I felt like Brittney Spears...if Brittney Spears ever had reason to wear a Spider Man bandana...

But, about 20 minutes into it, my whole body froze and gangsta'd up on me.

All my muscles formed a team and decided they had had it with hip hop.

My whole torso got lock jaw...or lock torso and decided it would only move as one unit.

I looked like I was adding "The Robot" into the hip hop swing.

I wish we had videoed the whole thing.

You would snort just watching us homedogs.

McKaycee the Cool Girl Drummer

"Whoopty Whoop Whitney"

"Chillin' KC"


"Lil' Krunk Kat"

"Jumpin J Train"

"Kickin' C"


You should have come!

Next relationship week, we're taking the belly dancing class.

Are you in?


Clayton said...

i have indeed seen a goat jump. i've actually seen many animals not usually associated with jumping jump. i, however, have not seen aaron in a bandana as a senior in high school... tell me there are photos of this...

Jennifer Bacak said...

I didn't feel like it was a goat jump as much as a leprochaun jump. I too, never got it. But I was shakin' it as well as this white girl knows how. We were all laughing so hard, I think that was my primary work-out. What may have been more funny were the people there NOT laughing, and looking so serious while they were rubbin' it down. That will never be me.

Whitney said...

i had dreams last night of ducking and exploding, like i was loading a cannon. i am sore today...especially from all the goat jumping.

i think we should go to a bar and practice all our moves...that sounds like an event for ministry week, forget the Living Hope Work Day :)

freemans4jc said...

What a way to wake up, "honey your picture is on the internet"! Yikes!
It's o.k. now that I'm serious about this working out business, it will be a great "before" shot!
Hang onto it Heather! Kathryn I can hear you laughing....stop!
I was definitely the master of
improvision. I actually felt like I had made up my own hip hop mamba moves by the end of the night. I feel pretty good about our relationship evening.
Well I'm not sure how I feel over jammin this old body but I got out, in the rain and even completed the class. Next time I'll have to leave my daughter home, I can only imagine the conversation at the coffee shop! I'm reaady for Body Combat girls, who wants to be the first to see this?


Master Kaycee said...

HA! Best relationship building EVER! Next time I don't know if I can stand by Heather...her hip hop arms were a little distracting while I was trying to figure out how to mamba turn without running into the wall.

freemans4jc said...

I think my picture would have been better had you taken it before I


CarpioFamily said...

ya'll it was awesome. I had fun. My tummy hurts. I don't know if it's due to the moves or laughter. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while.. It was grrrrreat!

Kathryn Berilla said...

That was too much fun and we are all still breathing!!! See Kickin C...and I am all of us!!
I did at one point feel like a goat jumping...but I tell you making up the moves were the most fun. The girl in front of me was not too happy about it though...she was one of the serious ones. Scary.
Next relationship is combat...we will be funky and dangerous!!!!

Kathryn Berilla said...

Oh and I don't think KateDaisyBenz will stand next to me again...when I tell her to run she falls down!!!!

Your Homie for Life! said...

Man, I wish I was there. I would have been but Ariana had a reaction to something. Her little body was covered in hives. I am in for body combat or another hip hop class. Just let me know when y'all are going.

Ana Williams

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are cracking me up. Ya'll need to come over and do my salsa video with me. It's hot.

Hendrick Family said...


I was thinking...during your married Excellent Wife class, you simply MUST make your class go take Body Jam during the intimacy week. This will show them some great new moves that will increase intimacy...or at least laughter, either are good in marriage!

Kathryn Berilla said...

Oh my hit me about an hour body feels like it exploded again!!!

Still the best laugh and fun...totally worth it.

On my way to RPM...same teacher as our class last night...wonder if she will say anything about our fly girl moves!!

Melodi said...

ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that idea, Heather! I'm all about taking the EW class! New moves AND laughs? I'm the first in line!!! And....I have lots of bandanas.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Yes, Combat next!!! I love being a ninja, it's my absolute favorite!
jammin J Train

Anonymous said...

My husband is SO a ninja and I can't hold a candle to his moves.
If I don't get some ninja moves myself, my asian baby will grow up being called a half-breed. And we just can't have that!!

Anonymous said...

there is so much hilarity to be found at the local gym... no doubt.

Oh, are you ready to be really jealous... I've got a bandana with "D.O." in rimestones on it... boo-ya.

Vanessa Brooks said...

Oh wow, you all look like you are having such a great time!