Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life or Death Situation

During the “what the monkey-junk is going on around here” power outage Tuesday night, my adorable DVR was unable to record Gilmore Girls.

Come to find out, DVR’s need electricity to behave properly.

Come to find out, I need electricity to behave properly as well.

I am simply not cut out for camping, even if I’m camping at my own house.

I love electricity.

Love it.

I would become Mrs. Electricity tomorrow at a well-lit wedding where we would have a laser light show and a fondue fountain of lightening, with Ben Franklin officiating.

When the lights went out in Hendrickville, it happened right in the middle of Brandon praying at HOPE Group. Talk about the prayers of the righteous being powerful and effective.

We are never letting him pray again at our house.

So, when the power went out, were we prepared in the Hendrick House?


Danny became invisible.

The other kids could not figure out what was going on.

I thought it must be Armageddon.

All we had was a tiger flashlight that roared when in use and an entire crate of glow sticks.

Complete darkness did not scare my kids…oh no…it made them HYPER. Being hyper and unable to see…bad combination.

Having hyper kids and not being able to see to find my spanking spoons…even worse combination.

Those boys knew they had the advantage and took it. They already outnumber us around here, and they can smell weakness from miles away.

We found some Halloween candles, but all the kids thought we must be having a birthday party, so they kept blowing them out.


I’m not meant to live or parent in non-electricitied conditions.

During the time when Bryan/College Station thought it was a third world country...

It was hot.

It was dark.

It was hot.

It kept getting hotter.

However, we lived...and Bryan College Station eventually remembered it was not Malawi.

But the aftershock of this catastrophe is…my DVR only recorded the last half of Gilmore Girls.
I'm going to need counseling after a disaster of this sort.

My show!

My only show.

My show that I’m supposed to tape for myself to watch and giggle…and then record on a tape for Wendy to watch and giggle later…and then she makes me brownies for doing that…it’s a perfect life full of electricity and DVR and funny women and terrific writing and then BROWNIES.


My electricity is back on, but MY LIFE will not have fully recovered unless SOMEONE out there taped Gilmore Girls…all of it…all 60 marvelous minutes of it…or even just the first 30 minutes of it...I will learn to splice if I have to...and then that someone will let me borrow those make-me-laugh women so I can sit and love them and love eating brownies.

Please help me.


glorynoise03 said...

I agree with you. That is the one show I actually follow. Love it! I dont know how I can get the episode, it is probably online somewhere.

-- Anonymous Male from LHBC

Anonymous said...

Hey heather this is Kaylene Carpio and have i got news. I can get you a copy of the episode. My mom recorded it so i could catch up and i will happily pass it to you if you would like.

Garratts said...

I'm sorry I don't watch that show. But I have....

Dog the Bounty Hunter
Dr. 90210
Sesame Street

Any of those work for ya!

Hendrick Family said...

And I LOVE that a boy LOVES my girls. They are worth loving!

Hendrick Family said...

And KAYLENE to the rescue!

Yes! Sign me up! I'll make you brownies, then I'll watch it and then Wendy can watch it and make me brownies...

And then we can forget that this awful incident ever happened.

Oh...and anonymous male...

After we're finished with the video, how could we get it to you, ANONYMOUSLY? Mail it to a P.O. Box...leave it on the front porch, and you come pick it up in the middle of the night? Whatever you need...we'll help you. We promise.

Hendrick Family said...



Dog the Bounty Hunter?

What is wrong with you?

Hendrick Family said...

Look how many comments I left on my own blog.

That's pathetic.

Garratts said...

Yeah & what is sad is all of those are my shows except the one you would really think is my show.

Dr. 90210 is Mike's.

Garratts said...

I want to know who glorynoise is. I need to make fun of him and fast!

Erin said...

Hey Heather, this is Erin Rogers. If the video thing doesn't work out my amazing fiancee found the episode online and burned it to disc for me. I too was tramatized by the power outage on Tuesday and my DVR only caught the last 10 minutes. So let me know if you are still in need. Have a great day!

Hendrick Family said...

Erin!'re plan B.

And...did Matt find the show for you or for him? Hmmmm?

I've heard a little rumor about him and my lovely ladies...and that rumor made me love that boy all the more. If the rumor is true, then he's a keeper, Erin! Well, I guess he's a keeper even if the rumor isn't true...since he can find shows on the internet and put them on CD's. That's a skill!

And where do you find shows on the internet? We also really like the show Without a Trace, but last week, we went to watch it and found out that some stupid sports event was on before it, so our DVR only recorded a tiny speck of it. Does your drum-playing, CIA fiancé have the know-how to find that show?

Anonymous said...

The rumors are true. Definitely a keeper. He tries to deny his like for the show, but he too was distraught over the issue on Tuesday night. So it's up in the air as to whether he found the show for himself or for me.

I'm not sure where he got the show. He's quite the smart computer man so I really have no idea. I'll ask him if he can use his CIA, drum playing ability to find other shows.

Let me know if you need the Gilmore Girls episode.

Matt said...

This is above mentioned drum-playing, CIA fiancé and I was wondering how my secret got out...and which season and episode of Without a Trace you were interested in. I might be able to get it....but not positive.

Hendrick Family said...


Come on...

Have you not heard that in my spare time, I'm a Navy Seal?

I have my ways!

I just don't have my ways when it comes to finding shows on the internet. They don't train us to do that in the Navy...that's something they only teach in CIA Drum Playing School.

It was last Sunday's Without a Trace.

I'll make you brownies too, if you find it!

Melodi said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the girls as well, HOWEVER, I only catch the re-runs that are on the family channel! I'm so behind! I started watching it because you mentioned it in skits so often, and as soon as I watched it I said, "No wonder she likes it. She IS Lorelai!"

Matt said...

I was unaware of your Navy Seal abilities...are you watching me?

I think I just heard something....

I will begin the CIA search for Without a Trace.

the Apels said...

Hey...I want to know how this Matt-dude is finding episodes on the internet. I would like episodes of Extreme HomeMaker & The Amazing Race...the only two shows I love, but we have Sunday night church during those times...get to the bottom of this, Heather!

Also, does your husband have washboard abs from laughing at you all the time??...I asked him how he does it...but he didn't quite answer me.

Hendrick Family said...

I know Lor and I have this in common:

We both sleep with our children's father.

What fun!