Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Groove On Update

Oh Ladies….

Tonight we get Faunky.

I can’t wait.

The class is in College Station from 7:45-8:45.

The following fly girls will be performing:

Lil’ Krunk Kat
Kathryn Berilla

Kickin’ C
Cindy Freeman

McKaycee the Cool Girl Drummer
Performing as herself

Heather Hendrick

Fly Funky Li (pronounced Lee)
Lisa Smith

Jammin’ J Train
Jenn Bacak

Katie Fuller

Oh Ashley…come on…we want to laugh with you….are you in?

Now here is some good news:

I actually made a phone call today…I know, don’t faint…

Gold’s Gym said that ANYONE could come to the class tonight if they pay $10.

So if you have been in the depths of despair because you don’t go to Gold’s Gym, but you want to groove with all us goof balls, then for $10 you can cry no more.

For those of you who can, I would LOVE to run over to Starbucks after class, grab some decaf, wearing my new glasses and chat.

I know most of you can’t, but if anyone can, Aaron has agreed to watch the boys until I get my Hiphopotamus self home.

Besides…it’s relationship week.

What a relationship we will all build with each other tonight!

Who bets SOMEONE laughs so hard they leak some tee-tee?

Then, we can report to our church that our group peed on ourselves for a relationship building exercise.

They will be so proud of us!


Master Kaycee said...

Excellant! Can't wait! I might even bring my camera. I would love to do coffee, but I need to make sure that Melodi will tape Project Runway finale/Top Chef premire. This is something we've been looking forward to for like 9 months. I think she is having her relationship building night too so it should all work out. See you all tonight! So are we going with the bandanas or no?

Garratts said...

YOu didn't give me a name so I am not coming!!!!

Garratts said...

And when you say laugh with us, you should have said laugh at us.

And no I don't want to be laughed at.

Master Kaycee said...

Project Runway/Top Chef will be taped. Melodi is all over it! Delicious sweet nectur here we come!

Quick, someone give Ashley a name!

Melodi said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! That is me WHINING that I can't go!!!! I hope y'all have a total buns-busting blast and I can't wait to hear about it - TELL me you're taking your camera!

Is anyone else biting their nails awaiting the finale of Project Runway???? I don't know if I can wait until tomorrow to watch it, Kaycee...we may have to have a late night screening of it tonight....

CarpioFamily said...

ok guys, i'm on the bus. I'm going tonight, i've never done a class like this, the last class i went to was a yoga class, so i'm guessing it's going to be totaly different. See you there.

Hendrick Family said...

Ashley! You have to come!

No one got a nick name until they commited to the fly girl agenda.

Are you in?

Cause if you are...I have a name for you!

Jennifer Bacak said...

The Jammin' J Train is in. This white girl is going to shake it as pathetically as I know how.
I'm probably in for coffee with my super smart new friend with smart glasses.
J Train

Hendrick Family said...

Chillin' KC's in the crib yall!

You go, Kaylene...I mean Chillin' KC.

Do you go to Gold's Gym?

If not, when I called today they said the class is free if they can show you around and try to make you join the gym, but it's $10 if you just want to go to the class, but not go through any hassle.

I'm so glad you are going!!

Hendrick Family said...

We should have hired Lynsey to come with a camera.

I wonder if that's legal at Gold's Gym?

They may kick me out.

CarpioFamily said...

I haven't joined yet, but We will next week. Carlos gets a crazy good deal through his job. I printed off a free VIP pass for tonight, i just have to go early to sign some papers.

Garratts said...

Darn- We have company coming over to eat with us. I just don't know when we will be done.

Maybe I will just come up there with my camera to take pics, then post on my blog....


Yours Truly,
Sly trickery hickory dock the shocker sneaky reaky deaky

Hendrick Family said...

I still have not heard confirmation from Kickin' C, Lil' Krunk Kat, or Fly Funky Li.

You homies in?

Garratts said...

I gave myself a name, if you were wondering.

Hendrick Family said...

My name was better, Ashley!!

You need to come.

Who is coming over?

I will call them and tell them you have to leave early.

Get your bandana and your butt up to the gym.

CarpioFamily said...

ok, so i guess you'll are wearing bandanas, so if i wear one, i won't be the only one right ??

LD said...

My little cousin is looking for a HOPE group so naturally I suggested yours.... only to find out that you're not on the list! Heather, are you having SECRET HOPE group? I guess I'll have to send him to the Duty house since the Hendrick house is apparently invitation only.

By the way, I can't wait for the update of what happened tonight. I hope you took pictures.

CarpioFamily said...

It was AWESOME!!

Hendrick Family said...

Hey LD...

No, our HOPE Group isn't secret...but we are not listed anymore because we have tons of people.

LH is taking off Hope Groups that are too big, so people will go to other homes that still need more people in their community.

That's all!

LD said...

I figured as much. If I ever make it back into town though, I'm coming anyway. Speaking of which, I'm trying to convince my clinical coordinator to send me to CS for a rotation next year. I could use 6 weeks of LH love.

cwaire said...

oh i miss everything about the hendrick house! heather, i wish so badly that i could have been there. i would LOVE it!!!!!!!!

miss you guys so much!