Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yes, I Loved Him

His death has truly disturbed me.

Laugh if you must...but it's true...and I'm unashamedly outing myself.

At first, I was more disturbed with how disturbed I was that someone I only know through TV died.

My brain bounced around this conversation, many times…

“I am so upset about Steve.”

“Heather, it is crazy for you to be THIS upset about someone you don’t even know.”

“But, he was such a great guy…he adored his family…he was a loving husband, a wonderful dad…this is tragic.”

“Again…can I remind you…Steve Irwin is not your friend, Heather, just because you watch him on TV.”

We are very stingy with our children, only loaning them out for tiny specks of time during the day to the TV.

One of the FEW strangers we let borrow our children is Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

We absolutely love that show.

All of us.

When Steve is on the television, we are all on the couch, cuddled up, shrieking at his tenacity.

I love that before they can even speak the word crocodile, my boys have all of Steve’s moves memorized.

Many times when Aaron has been lying on our floor, our boys will come up and jump him like he’s a crocodile, one getting Aaron's head, the others piling up in a line on his back…it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

I haven’t been able to shake why I’ve been so moved by his death.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking not only about him being gone…but about why I can’t stop thinking about this.

To figure out why this has bothered me to this degree, I had to first figure out why I've always thought Steve was so great.

Why do I love Steve Irwin so much?

I’ve wrestled with that question this week like Steve Irwin wrestles those crocodiles.

It has exhausted me. I'm out of breath and muddy.

But, it all comes to this…

I ache for his passion.

There was no question about what he loved.

He was known for one thing:

He worshiped wildlife.

He respected it.

He publicly praised it.

His passion completely consumed his life.

So thank you, Steve…

Your passion has inspired our family.


Master Kaycee said...

God's so awesome to be able to take someone like Steve Irwin and show us what an all consuming love looks like. Thanks for sharing, Heather.

the groves said...

Thank you for this post. This was amazing for me to read today! :)

What a blessing you are!

Hendrick Family said...

I sent Anson into my room earlier to find a book we are reading. Then, I got distracted helping the little boys make nests out of playdough...

I heard crying in my room.

Anson has already cried about Steve's death. Aaron had to sit him down and break the news. We knew he would be devastated.

I found Anson in my room READING the People magazine that Aaron brought home the other day. It has Steve's picture on the front.

Somehow that genius of a child I have had made his way half-way through the story and was BAWLING while he was reading it.

I sat down and cried with him.

I cried because my child is so sweet...and seeing him understand that life is here today and gone was heartbreaking to see him learning that lesson.

However, it gave us such a sweet time to talk about how we have to share Christ with everyone...because we never know what could happen tomorrow.

And Anson says, "We need to pray for his wife and kids, mom." Wow.

See...Steve strikes again...


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

I thought of this song as I was reading your blog Heather. It speaks to me EVERY time.

(Nichole Nordeman, Jay Joyce)

Did you come that we might just survive?
Did you come so we could just get by?
Did you walk among us
So we might merely limp along beside?

I was bound, I have been set free
But I have settled for apathy
Did you come to make me new
And know I’d crawl right back into the skin you found me in?

It’s where I am, not where I’ve been

You make me want to live
You make me want to live
You came to shake us
And to wake us up to something more
Than we’d always settled for
And you make me want to live

We’ve all been up on the mountain top
A golden glow that’s bound to soon wear off
Then it’s back to the mundane telling tales of glory days
When we were hopeful that this change was here to stay

So why would a young man
Live in a waste land
When the castle of his dreams is standing by?
Why would a princess
Put on an old dress
To dance with her beloved and a chance to catch his eye?

Melodi said...

I, too, was devastated at Steve Irwin's death and asked myself many of the same questions. I loved how he loved his family! Thank you for such a thought-provoking post, Heather.

Brandon said...

"We are underwhelmed.

We are over-stretched."

-Heather Hendrick

Well said. You have no idea of the truth in that and how the two go together.

freemans4jc said...

Ok well I loved him too. I hope we can grow to love Jesus the way he loved the wildlife! :)


F O M N said...

The problem with your study of the word "passion" is in the use of a modern translation of the Bible with the modern watered down, over-used version of the word. I am not a KJV only type, however KJV only uses the word once in the New Testament. It is in Act 1:3 used in the Christian theological sense. Here is Wikipedia's definition:

The Passion is the theological term used for the suffering, both physical and mental, of Jesus in the hours prior to and including his trial and execution by crucifixion. The Crucifixion is an event central to Christian beliefs.

The etymological origins of the word lie in the Christian Latin passio, (stemming from patis- to suffer) [1] and first appearing in the 2nd century precisely to describe the travails and suffering of Jesus in this present context. The word passion has since taken on a more general application.

I encountered the roots of the word "passion" when I was doing a study on compassion (with passion). Compassion means to enter into the suffering of others, a little deeper than Bill Clinton's "I feel your pain," but along those lines. Compassion is what you experience when you find your children weeping over the loss of a friend from TV and it breaks your heart. It is a very good word.

I hate it when the world waters down words that were once full of meaning.

cwaire said...

Heather, your words inspire me daily! I miss our time together! Thank you for speaking straight to my heart. I love you and your family!

Brooke said...

heather: check your e-mail! :)

D.O. said...

I'd give a dollar to the guy who invented blogs. I really would.