Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good Morning, Hendricks

Children amaze me.

They are so genuine…so untainted by hypocrisy.

They simply are who they are.

I’ve decided that my children’s entire personality can be summed up by the first thing that comes out of their mouths every morning as they slowly stroll down the hall, sleep dripping off them with every step as they find their way to me.

Anson says…and has said since he was three years old…

“Mom, can I please watch one thirty-minute show?”

Every morning.

That’s so Anson.

So detailed. So by the book. So fair. So predictable.

Saturday, we came home from church. He heard something outside make a lot of noise. As I was getting Ashton and Danny a snack and ready for bed, Anson decided to make sure we were safe. He found a flashlight. He did many experiments outside to try and determine what made “the noise” happen. Then he came to get me, because he had decided this was “serious.”

As we are walking outside to watch Anson save the day, Hayden says, “I hope it’s not an alligator.”


I could never make up what Hayden says…it is too far fetched, even for me.

Anson says, “No. It’s not an alligator.” Then Hayden says, “What if it is a King Brown?” Hayden is quite the Jeff Corwin fan. Then, no joke…this is what Anson says to his brother…

“Hayden, it would be very dangerous if a King Brown were making this noise. They are the most venomous snake in the world…well, actually, I’m not sure if they are the most venomous, but they can kill you.”

He’s six.

He’s talked like that since he started communicating.

He also informed me before he went to bed tonight that his soap dispenser in his bathroom is clogged. He said, “Mom, we are going to need a new one…you are probably going to need to get one some time…like…I would say…maybe by January.”

He informed me this weekend that he made friends with a new girl at church who didn’t know anyone. Sweet boy.

And…on top of all of that…he’s so cute.

Those of you with daughters may want to start the application process for the arranged marriage now. It’s quite lengthy.

Now Hayden… Oh my Hayden.

He never says the same thing when he wakes up. But, here is what he said a couple mornings ago…and it’s SO TYPICAL.

He walks in, all sleepy eyed…with hair that looks like one strand, right in the middle of his head decided to go postal and is holding up a gun, shooting it at the ceiling, causing all the other hairs on his head to escape in a panicked state of mass confusion. His eyes are barely opened, not quite as convinced as his legs that it’s time to wake up and he says…

“Where is my tape measure?”

That’s what he really said.

He has also said things like…

“Can I have some chili?”

And, “I have a doodle-bug.”

He also recently figured out that Danny is black…and not just black…but “He’s black all over.”

It seems that his friend, Reese broke the shocking news to him.

Poor Reese. She was just stating the obvious to Hayden…however, the obvious never gets any consideration if you're Hayden.

“He’s black for real mom…”

That’s what he told me…and a lobby full of people at church last Saturday night.

His toys for the past few days have been a tape measure, two bowls from the kitchen and two plastic CD cases. They steer space ships. They fix the tractor (the chair he lays on his back and works under in the middle of our kitchen floor)…they are multi-purpose toys for sure.

Hayden…never predictable…never bored…never not funny.
When Ashton wakes up he says NOTHING for about an hour.

He’s not mad.

He’s not upset.

He just refuses to speak.

He will answer your questions…but only in peeps.

High peep equals yes.

Low peep equals no.

When he’s good and awake, he says things like… “What’s that blue thang?” or red thang…or yellow thang…

“What’s that noise?”

And he sings everything he says.

Ashton…completely content…sweet…and smooshy.
When Danny wakes up…as soon as I open the door he says, in machine gun fashion... “Eat mama. Eat. Eat? Eat? Eat mama. Eat.” After I change his diaper I say, “Want to go eat?” He jumps up and says, “Yay" and hugs me as though I was the one who actually suggested it!

Danny…so unsure…so needy…so close to being neither of those things.

Now what about the grown ups in this house? Can we be summed up by the first thing we do in the morning?

Aaron wakes up as if he’s trying to convince a room full of people he wasn’t sleeping. He makes me laugh. He always thinks it is Sunday morning and he’s late. Then, he goes about getting ready in a very slow, steady, and structured fashion. If one of the boys caught their heads on fire during his morning routine, he would have to finish brushing his teeth before he could respond.

His patterns…they equally annoy me and completely comfort me.

I wake up every morning with Hayden’s nose touching my nose.

Then, I hand him over to Jeff Corwin and head straight for the red button on my coffee machine.

I grab my glasses and my Bible.

While I’m waiting for my coffee machine to start coughing, I clean something. Anything.

Only my coffee machine grunting with exhaustion can force me to quit folding, wiping or washing.

Then I settle in with my little cup (or bowl really) of caffeinated heaven and read something delicious in God’s Word. I’ve got a good 30-45 minutes before Ashton turns the corner and peeps at me. The other two will stretch and stroll down the hall minutes later.

I love mornings at the Hendrick House.

I love the newness.

I love that anything is possible.

I love hot coffee and feeling it drag me, sip by sip into my day.

I love my precious males.

I love that all of them wake up with one goal…

To find me

It seems their day has not really begun until I confirm they are awake.

What a gift.

What a job.

What a joy.


DeeOh said...

that's so sweet... I need a job, that one sounds like one I could enjoy.

Oh, I saw this mom at the grocery store with her two kids loading up the car yesterday, and I was very close to going and giving her an imaginary award for accomplishing the impossible... but I didn't.

Brandon said...

I may need to put this in a book. I don't know which one, but one of them...somewhere.

cwaire said...

great post, heather! I found my self really laughing out loud numerous times! I love everything about you and your amazing family! Today, Aaron texted me asking me where I was since he was at the msc. What the heck? It completely brightened my day between the faculty lounge gossip that just about makes me scream and my token kid in 4th period who tests my patience by simply walking in the door. I love your family. You must know this!

and by the way, I will continue to call myself "cwaire" until otherwise told to stop. I figure that Ashton and then Danny will also have trouble with my name since I do plan on sticking around!

the Apels said...

I loved this post...I could totally hear all of your boys as you described each ones first words...especially Ashton's.

I can't wait to be a mom...maybe I'll be a mom of ALL boys or at least a lot them.~Kirby

Garratt Hope Group said...

Love it!

On another note we have a HG blog now.

cate said...

you are the sweetest mom, heather hendrick...you should definitely add this post to your famous scrapbooks:) your boys will treasure your precious words...

sarah said...

ashton is not alone in his refusal to speak. claire could vouch for me--I am not a wake up and talk kinda person. i am glad other people are different, but Ashton and I would get along smashingly in the mornings.

UW said...

The only thing I know is one wants to play the computer and one wants to watch the tv and they both want me to do that with them. It's easier for me to just stay asleep, and since I never get to do that that is what I will try. Is that wrong???

Master Kaycee said...

after reading this blog I have come to the conclusion that I need kids...right now...can you buy them at target? BTW Heather, I am now an official blogger! masterkaycee.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

WOW! Heather that is absolutely beautiful. You have such a gift. You made me fall in love with "motherhood" all over again. Please write a book someday. ~Liz Amy