Thursday, September 28, 2006

10 Whole MINUTES!

Guess what!

I (as in me…me! Heather, ME!) ran 10 minutes today and have LIVED to type about it!

Go me!

My goal was to run for ONE minute...and look what I did!

I don't think it's any coincidence that I ran my 10 minutes on the anniversary of my first son's birth. Natural delivery and running 10 minutes were quite similar.

During labor, I thought I was going to die, and was actually perfectly fine with that as long as death would stop the pain.

During my run, I thought my heart was going to grow hands, rip open my chest and run into the lady's dressing room straight into the shower...but IT DID NOT! It stayed INSIDE my body!

I feel like a champ.

I feel like I could take on the world.

I feel like an athlete.

I also feel like taking a nap…but holy cow…I RAN for 10 minutes today!

And I don't want to die or sit on the potty.

Navy Seals, here I come!


Hendrick Family said...

I should go ahead and mention that I ran my 10 minutes next to Jenn who ran for like 3 hours.

I walked for a long time...only ran 10 minutes...and then we LIFTED WEIGHTS. I feel like a ninja. I think Jenn is a ninja...but I feel like one.

Go Team Ninjas.

Jiffy News said...

Way to go Heather! That's how runners get started!

Garratts said...

This is the saddest post ever!!!

Melodi said...

You RAN? And I MISSED IT?? Sniff....sniff....I'm OF YOU!!!!!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

It was truly beautiful, people! I was so proud of her! I don't know how many times we've had this coversation that she would NEVER get on a treadmill and run with me. Well, she did, and she looked good doing it. Unlike me, who was bright purple and sweaty. But we did lift weights and I feel stronger already!

The Duty's said...
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The Duty's said...

(this is crazy Allen) Yeah Heather, you said that you'd never, ever in a billion years run ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. In fact, you tried to talk me out of running for like 30 minutes the night Aaron taught me how to play video games.

Isn't running great? I mean, yeah, you feel like you're going to die while you're doing it - but you earned your Nike swoosh. Way to go.

Hendrick Family said...

Ok, for the record, I don't think running was great.

I did want to die. I just didn't.

So, I'm not saying I'm becoming a runner. However, running does fit my personality quite well, I have decided. It's time efficient. It's doing the most work in the shortest amount of time. Now that I like.

I hate exercising. I just do it because I want to be healthy and stay in Kirby's little jeans.

And Allen...I would NEVER run outside. Ever, never. I liked running in the clean, pretty, freezing cold gym, where at any moment I could decide to quit running and get a drink of water, or sit down in front of blasting cold air.

So, I guess I'm modifying my life rule...

I will only run if someone is chasing me with a knife OR in a controlled environment.