Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I think we need a new picture for our profile

One with short sleeves, instead of long ones. I can't even stand to see pictures of us in long sleeves now that it is August. That's just not right.


Josh Langston said...

MY name is listed on the Hendrick blog...this is amazing!! and gives me all new reasons to maintain my blog (though i promise little real results) i haven't really had internet access this summer, but it is great to have a window into the Hendrick world once again!

Brooke said...

i just love this cute family!!!

--matt g said...

josh is online!!! hotdang!!! i'm gonna go check his blog and see if he's actually posted anything.

HE DID!!!!

i just want to say... hayden looks kind of normal in this picture.

the groves said...

such a CUTE family picture! love it