Monday, August 07, 2006


Ok, here’s my first post …

Thanks to that silly book of Heather’s, she and I have been sitting here making the stupidest noises and the dumbest faces ever. There’s been much spitting and some light-headed hyperventilating as well.

Why you may ask?

Because according to that book everyone needs to know how to whistle with their fingers by the time they are 30. I don’t know why. I mean I’ve lived 29 years without being able to do that shrill whistle-of-death that some people can do. And I’ve managed just fine. (Although to be honest, I have always envied those people who can throw a couple of fingers in their mouth and pierce the eardrums of everyone in a 2-mile radius. I mean come on … it is cool.)

But is it really necessary? Is that really something you have to know how to do before you turn 30? Will people really think less of me if I can’t make their ears bleed and windows shatter on a whim?

I don’t know. But I will keep practicing. I wouldn’t want anyone to think less of me.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



Hendrick Family said...

I feel like I'm going to faint AND throw up. Whistling is so hard! I think we should have a “Teach the Hendricks to Whistle” party…or prayer meeting. All of you who are pros could come over and we will sit in the living room and practice until I get it.

Spit is going everywhere.

I think I thoroughly hate this whistle. I'll learn to do it because the book says I should know how...but I will never ever use this trashy form of communication in the every day affairs of life. It is sort of cool, like for a party trick or something...but deep down, my gut says, it's pretty trashy and obnoxious...especially for women. I think yelling is better.

I’m trying to think of when I would actually need this skill. Sporting events. Nope. I don’t go to those…and if I do, I’m not paying attention to the sport being played. And, I’m quite glad I live in a time that if I wanted to get someone’s attention, all I would have to do is call them on their cell phone.

Who can teach me their whistling ways? I must know. My head is spinning...but spitting down my arms with my fingers folding my tongue is so funny.

I definitely do not look like the pretty lady in the picture performing her redneck whistle.

But let’s all give it up for Aaron’s first post. He’s so stinkin’ cute!!

D.O. said...

(applause for Aaron)

hey, Thursday night, you and me.

and Cwaire.

and Mikey.



Brooke said...

this is one thing i can actually do... a friend gave me whistling lessons once and i was very proud of myself for mastering this art. however, my whistle is feminine, not obnoxious. i hope to never reach to the baseball coach in spandex tight shorts boisterous, unruly whistle level. ok.... i'm not sure what the book tells you, but i think the easiest way is to use both of your pointer and middle fingers to fold back your tongue. now... this is the important part! when you blow, make sure your mouth is as loose as possible. if your lips are too tight, you'll just get a bunch of spit and slober... but that can be funny too. i wish i could be there for the whistling party, and i wish i could drink some of your sweet tea right now.

wingnut said...

some applications for actually using this - in a crowd of noisy people when you want to get someone's attention (will probably get everyone's attention)

When someone is a long way off and not facing you and you need to call them back (and they are not carrying their cell phone)

when you are calling your dog from a long way and don't want to yell "Hey Homey, get over here"...(I'm not sure this will actually work because I'm not sure if Homey will respond to the whistle - you'll have to test this when you get the whistle mastered)

Just some thoughts about the practical application of the use of this tool. I have seen it in action, and if you don't care how foolish or irritating you are when doing it, it can be effective. I'm not so sure it something you have to know before 30 because I'm a little more than that and I can't do it. I also can't make a fancy bow, although I have never really tried. I wonder how many things in your book I do know how to do - probably 0...
Maybe that's what's wrong with me...

The Garratts said...

I hate that kind of whistle. I don't care what that book says. I can not and will not learn how to whistle like that. It is obnoxious! When people do that sitting behind me at a sporting event, I want to rip their tongue out of their mouth and beat them with it.
Or maybe I am just jealous I don't know how to do it.


Hendrick Family said...

Oh Ashley ...

You should have never told me that. I am going to master the whistle-of-death and do it around you all the time.

You just go ahead and try to rip my tongue out. I'm not scared.

Or I can just teach you how to whistle. (Once I figure it out.)


wingnut said...

You should teach a possum how to do this

Lyns said...

Ahhh yes.

The whistle.

My mom has mastered this whistle and trained all of us to respond to this whistle in public places if she need our attention and we were far away.

It is magical.

I still respond to this even as an adult today. So, if you want to really mess with my head, master this whistle too, and I will come running whenever I hear like a little attentive kid.

Good luck with this. I hear it is really hard.

It was off limits for us to know it growing up because my mom was the only one who could have this magical power.


p.s. I've adopted the Hendrick way of typing.

I like it.

One sentence in its own little paragraph. Lots of little paragraphs. I love it and it is sooo fun!

The Garratts said...

Ok- Wingnut(Matt), I thought you were a little bit nicer than that.

That probably would be my most biggest fear,

"A possum doing the whistle of death in my ear, while hissing and looking so ugly"

Debra said...

Hi, my name is Debra Thompson and I know how to whistle.

I love being able to whistle. I am so loud at football games and I love doing the "guy" whistle and girls thinking that they are being flirted with. I was taught to whistle when I was a child and I always felt superior to other girls because I could whistle and they couldn't. Truth be told I "prolly" still feel that way.

Anyway, let me know if you are serious about this whistling business because I would love to spend some time with you and your family. Oh, larger families can get a discount rate.

P.S. My style of whistling is "spit free" and over time you would start to feel better about women whistling.

There is an old wives' tale that says "a whistling woman and a crowing hen always come to no good end". Good fodder.

cwaire said...

i will see you tomorrow.

with my boyfriend.

who, by the way, knows how to obnoxiously wistle.

that is all.