Friday, July 14, 2006


The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
blessed be the name of the Lord!

Job 1:21b

Doctor Rayburn’s nurse called a second ago and told me the test results were negative. Doctor Rayburn believes Doctor Bacak is right (no shock to me). She said that Doctor Davis will call me on Monday when he’s back at work to talk to me about what needs to be done for my body to go on with life as usual.

I want to be done with this.

I want us all to be done with this.

It was great fun to think I was pregnant. Although I was dreading many months of a very intimate relationship with something that flushes, the fact remains…carrying a life is incredibly beautiful and fascinating. I’ve said many, many times to Aaron after one of our precious children say something sweet, do something funny, walk in and say they love us with out being prompted, or moon us, “How can we not give the world more of these great people?” All the while of course, I was thinking we would adopt more great people…not birth them.

God does give.

He does take away.

However, He has given me far more than He’s ever taken away.

Not because I deserve it.

Just because He has.

He gives.

He takes.


the Apels said...

I love you, Heather. I continue to be amazed at how much you teach me from the real life practical ways to experience the Lord and His love. Really, thank you.-Kirby

winslows04 said...

Amen to the giving and taking away! God is so good and faithful. He has definitly always given us more than we deserve. Praying encouragement for you guys...

Karen said...

You amaze me Heather Hendrick! You are such an inspiration to women you come into contact with! Your joy is just such a blessing. Its great to see someone at a point in their life when they really and truly can be say blessed be your name even when you have no clue whats going on! I pray that you can continue to lean on God and rely on Him no matter what happens! I pretty much think you rock!

BHG & Co. said...

I love you guys and will be praying for you, your Monday, and your Tuesday.... we'll keep checking on you.


melodi said...

Blessed be His name. That is the song your godly husband led us in two days after my precious daughter's diagnosis with diabetes. It taught me a lot that night. You've taught me more tonight. I've always said that our mentor relationship is backward. I love you and look forward to standing with you on Tuesday as we hear God's will for our children.


The Garratts said...

Love you and always praying for you!

cwaire said...

why does your life and your blogs always bring tears to my eyes? Your family means so much to me...more than I could ever express. You and Aaron and all 4 of your children amaze me...truly amaze me! You are absolutely in my prayers--as you always are! I love you guys!

The Dornaks said...

Always praying for you guys! And we love you crazy people! :)

Hendrick Family said...

Just wanted you all to know...

We would LOVE to put pictures of Danny on our blog...or even give him is own blog page. However, legally we are never allowed to post pictures of him that also include his name.

Most of you know that...but for the rest of you who may be silently thinking we do not treat Danny like an equal part of our family...I hope this puts your concerns to rest!

We love him dearly, have pictures of him GALORE, and look forward to the day when you will see a link on our page called, "The World According to Danny."

Please pray we see that day!!


Your Homie for Life! said...

We love y'all and we will pray for this coming week. Y'all are an amazing family. We have learned alot from y'all. I praise God that he put us in a church with such a wonderful family of believers. Heather, you help me be a better mom! I love ya!

wingnut said...

wow, I gotta stop reading these at work...people might start to wonder why I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. Truly that is the lesson - he gives and takes, and no matter what He is worthy of our praise. We are truly blessed and have no idea what it really means to go through hard times. Sure we have difficult circumstances sometimes, but really they are nothing. When I look back at what I complain about, I think "what a baby!" How ungrateful the Lord must think I am...but being a parent helps so much with perspective here. My children help me relate how they react to me with how I react to God. Also it helps me forgive myself when I think of how much I love my own kids, and that God loves me so much more and perfectly. It's good to hear again the reality of the song that we sing that comes from the Word of God - He gives and takes away - Blessed be His Name!

D.O. said...

y'all are so precious to me... and that without a hint of sarcasm. God really is good, just like He says He is.