Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mission Complete

Blowing up is so much fun! Matt, Tamara, Hannah, Luke and Ethan Wingfield; Eric, Wendy and Lyndon Williams; Angie, Ciah and Hayle Daniels (our sweet neighbors) and Charlie and Kirby Apel came to witness the insanity.

Check out the pictures!

You’ll have to click on each blue link. This almost gave me an aneurysm trying to figure out the best way to put these great photos online. However, near death was worth it because these are pretty great!

Aaron will put the video on as soon as possible. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures!


The Garratts said...

That looked like fun. Sorry we missed it.

I was keeping my cousins baby today.


melodi said...

Oh MAN!!!!! How I WISH we had been THERE, instead of running to store after store looking for the perfect air soft shotgun - yes, I said shotgun - and "Hip Hope" CD for Joseph's b-day! I LOVE science! And messes!


Brooke said...

next time i come to college station, you have to do that again! i loved all the pictures.... i actually think i convinced all my missionary friends here to have our own explosion :) i'll let ya know how it goes.

the Apels said...

Thanks Hendricks for letting us come over and watch. I have been bugging Kirby about DC and Mentos since I saw the music video a few weeks ago. It definately curbed my craving to see these experients done in person AND kept me from having to pester my wife to make our own music video. Your boys are all so animated, precious, and entertaining to watch. I still think a picture with Ashton in his big-boy undies and a T-shirt chuggin out of a 2-liter and the other three all passed out on top of each other with DC 2-liters strewn about would have been stinkin hilarious. Maybe it's just me. --Charlie

Lyns said...

AHHHHH PANTS! We missed it. KK would have went crazy with coke flying around in the air.

I have to admit. I was hoping Eric's lungs would have exploded out of his chest or atleast out of his esophagus all for the sake of this experiment.

I'm no scientist here, but Eric's saliva has been known to dissolve gum completely while chewing it. So, I think his acid-filled, superhero, death saliva could have thrown off the equilibrium of the Mentos coating thus corrupting the outcome of the experiment. I am being serious here people.

Rematch, rematch, rematch, rematch!

papi hendrick said...


Brandon said...

Nice...the only thing cooler than this will be the "Aaron and the Bombastics" shirt. When are those coming out by the way?

cwaire said...

you hendricks never cease to amaze me! seeing those pictures were so sad to me though...i miss you and your precious children so much! but....alas...i will be in college station the first 2 weeks of august i think so there will be some visiting (I can babysit the kids while you are frantically practicing for the musical!) i miss you all and love you!