Monday, July 24, 2006

Brookie and the Bed Rails

Although that would be a super-fly band name, Brookie and the Bed Rails is a short little tribute to one of the greatest girls I know.

Brookie came into town on Friday. She and D.O. stopped by to see us, even though they had to brave the germs floating around in our house from the stomach virus my kids were sharing.

Getting my boys to share toys takes constant, diligent, exhausting parenting...but sharing their cooties...they have NO PROBLEMS doing that for some reason. It just doesn't seem right. ESPECIALLY since I have to clean up the cooties once they make unannounced, lightening-fast exits from all sorts of openings on my children's bodies.

After the Hazmat warning was lifted from our home, Brookie came to spend the night. Thanks to the Dornaks, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows (isn't it dumb that marshmallows is spelled like that?) And, I got to scream at my kids and Aaron all night, terrified my children would plummet to their deformation into the fire...or poke one of their brother's eyes out (cringe) with their coat hanger/food roaster. What fun!!

Then the boys camped-out inside a tent (my version of camping...the indoor kind free of bugs, grass and heat of any sort.) I simply LOVE that kind of camping...ESPECIALLY if you get to watch TV in a tent. There's nothing better. One day I will break it to my sons that most people camp outside.

One day.

One day when they don't think asking their mom to go camping outside is cool anymore. Is there a Marriott at Garner?

After the boys went to sleep, Brooke snuck out of the tent and joined me in the living room where we looked at scrapbooks and talked about serious things...and not so serious things. I'm going to miss this girl so much.

Then Brooke put her shoes on and went to bed. Yep. But then she took them off, because she remembered people don't wear shoes to bed.

Since I know that you are all probably a little worried about our sweet girl, gone missionary, heading over to Thailand, I wanted you all to be able to rest easy knowing that Brooke could not possibly roll to her death (or mental handicap) off her bed onto the hardwood floors tonight. I'm sure the thought of this was keeping you all awake. We decided the bed rails should stay even while Brooke is here because we can't go sending missionaries to Thailand with head wounds. The Hendricks WILL NOT be responsible for such a travesty. Our hands are clean.

Sleep well, sweet Brookie. In two years, you have to come back and spend the night I can sneak in your room and take your picture.

I'm posting this at 12:30 a.m....WAY past my bedtime. I'm aware that this could be one of those things that is only funny to Aaron and me because it's late...but hopefully, by doing it this way, Brooke will be SO SHOCKED when she checks my blog tomorrow to see a picture of herself online sleeping in the bed with bed rails. Hee-hee!

We should vote on her expression. I think she will scream that funny scream and slap her leg.

What do you think?

We love you Brookie...

With enough love to stretch from here to Thailand.

Consider this awful little prank your Hendrick faretheewell!!!


cwaire said...

amazing blog heather! i think you encompassed all that is our Brookie! my vote is that she will laugh extremely loud, throw her head back, and slap her leg while stomping her foot! i'm with you. Dear Brookie, words cannot express how much i love you and how much you mean to me. Two years will fly by right? (At least that's what I have to keep telling myself...) Thank you Hendricks to introducing the world to the side of Brookie that most people don't see!

The Dornaks said...

I can hear her laughing outloud right now! Her laugh always makes me laugh....especially during praise team practice as she sat behind me at the keyboard. You are in my prayers Brooke! :)

--matt g said...

i think she'll exclaim "oh!... my gosh!" mouth open wide and cover her mouth with both hands...then laugh...

D.O. said...

depends on her mood, but I'm going to vote for the ever-popular, laughing through tears... but other than that, Cwaire just nailed it, as she so often does.

Brooke said...

i can't believe it! taking pictures of me in my sleep! the funny thing is that i laughed really hard and then even harder when i realized how everyone knows that i laugh way too loud, slap my leg, etc. embarrassing. but, then of course i got teary-eyed. i'm going to miss you hendricks so so so so so much! this is definitely going down as my favorite campout ever... i don't even have mosquito bites... and i really like a/c.