Sunday, July 23, 2006

And His Name Shall be Called....


Although, Hoo-do came back at the last minute! Way to go, Hoo-Do!

We had a tie before church, we decided everyone who had not voted online would have to place their vote in person while eating Sunday night Summer pancakes.

About 550 people were here tonight, if children are people.

We only counted votes of kids who could talk.

So now, we not only have a dog...but we have a dog with a name.

No one got to meet him because it was raining.

But, since next Sunday will probably have a Sunday can all meet him then.

Aaron bought him toys.

However, Homey will NOT have a blog. That's where I draw the line.

P.S. I love bacon. Not as a dog's name. I really just like bacon. Yum. And, I want to call the dog, Acoustic.


Your Homie for Life! said...

Hey Heather,
We had so much fun tonight! And I love BACON, too!! We can't wait until next Sunday night so we can meet Homey in person!

Brooke said...

this makes me soooo HAPPY! i just looooove that his name is homey. oh goodness.... this is funny!

The Dornaks said...

Homey does have a blog... alltogether he has gotten 54 comments posted (including this one)! I would say that Homey has a blog.
Judy :)

--matt g said...

the suspense was killing me. i think i'm coming to town wednesday. i should have dinner with you guys one night.

Hendrick Family said...

Yes, Matt...yes you should. What do you want to eat? The Dessert, and...

cwaire said...

I LOVE bacon!!! OH much! But not as much as I love your sweet tea and the Hendrick family company! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks. I'll be in on the 5th. I'll call, and for sure see you at church on Saturday! OH, and go check the chicks' blog! It's just for you guys!

Lyns said...

Okay, I guess I'm fine with that. But, he will always be 'Fletcher' to KK.

Here is one for the 'Weird Team'!

p.s. This word verification thingy that I am about to have to fill before I click Login & Publish drives me nuts!