Saturday, July 22, 2006

And the Finalists Are....

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Click above to hear Ashton "try out" the names for you.

The boys narrowed the list down to....

Hoo-do (and it is spelled that way, Billium since it's a version of voodoo)

Which means, Aunt Lynsey, Judy or I (gross) will have a picture taken with this dog.

Remember, VOTE ON THE NAME OF THE DOG you like best...not whose picture you want on our wall!!!

There were 50 names submitted.

Hot Dog, Huey and Hey Man were cut out at the very last second.

You people are terrific.

Please vote on your favorite out of those three.

Each person can only vote once.

No anonymous votes will count.

The polls close at noon on Sunday!

The boys are SO EXCITED!


Karen said...

I pick Homey! Im sure all this excitment makes the boys feel much better! Hope yall have a great day!

Grandma said...

Homey - just because it's the only one Ashton can say!

The Dornaks said...

Homey! :)

Sydni :) said...

HOMEY!! :). Hoodoo was our second choice because of rhyming reasons


--matt g said...

Homie or homey, sometimes homes (used in the singular) is slang for friend, a shortened form of the slang word "homeboy".

as sweet as that is... my vote is Allister.

you guys got the most replies of any blog post i've ever seen.

Lyns said...

My vote is for Allister. Ashton sounds so precious saying this and it is the best dog name of them all!! But, I realize that I don't have a chance in the world in this competition because of the weirdness of the other two final names. So, PEOPLE, if you want the Hendricks to have a dog with a normal dog name, then you will choose 'Allister'. If you want them to continue down the path of weirdness, you will choose one of the other names. I think us normal people owe it to this family to give them a good dose of normalcy in their lives.

Sorry.....just politikan (sp noted).

The Garratts said...

Although I would love to hear Heather calling a dog "Homey" across the yard, I just read Lynsey's comment and she swayed my vote.

So I vote Allister.

P.S. Lyns you should really take up politics. If you ran under the name lil pook, you would for sure win.

Hendrick Family said...

Who says I'm ever going to talk to this dog? Hmmm?

But, I vote Allister. He looks more like an Allister (besides Falcor, of course) than a Homey or Hoo-Do. Hoo-do is one of my favorite words to say...actually, it's one of my favorite words to make Dawn say...but I vote Allister.

Anson voted Allister as well.

I was thinking, I should have said kid's votes count twice, since most of your kids are in my back yard almost as much as my own kids are.

And...I think Lil' Pookie and her dog, Homey could get themselves elected.


Hendrick Family said...

Hayden voted Hoo-do.

Does that surprise anyone?

hayley said...

I want to vote Hoo-do b/c of how Anson says it, but my real vote is Allister because it's a great dog name.

I think it's time I comment on your blog, because I have become a frequent reader.

It's one of my favorites! Heather, I wish we had been friends during my time in CS. No wonder all my girls loved being at your home sooo much!

- Hayley ( the other "chick" you don't know)

sarah said...

i vote homey.
anson says it way cute.
homey would have a good chance of being the only homey on the block.
its just quirky enough to fit the Hendrick household.

Aaron said...

I'll vote for Homey.

I think that will be fun to yell out the back door ... "Hey Homey, get out of my garden!"

The Garratts said...

Reese votes for Allister too.

Promise I didn't sway her.

Brooke said...

HOMEY!!!!!!! i LOOOOOVE this name! my momma still thinks i'm a little girl so i think my vote should count twice. although, it's probably not necessary since HOMEY is the best name hands down. also, if i'm going to be sleeping in the backyard for our little campout.... i'm calling him HOMEY.... and i don't care what anyone else says about it!

Chelsea Groves said...

I have to say that I think Homey has the sweeping vote and I think it is a humorous name. Ashton is really pretty good at saying it too.

But, my vote is for is a cuteR dog name. :)

I mean Reese likes must be good!

I can't remember my blogger id already so I can't login...I think this will work!

heather said...

Ashton voted a strong Homey this morning.

Anonymous said...

Who is the winner?

Hendrick Family said...

We don't know! There's a tie between Allister and Homey. This dog is already too much TROUBLE!!

I think the only logical thing to do is just name him Acoustic.