Wednesday, June 28, 2006

For the Love of Leggings

Time flies, doesn't it? We look back on our past and wonder, "where did the time go?" It's awfully painful to see our children go from breastfeeding to reading in what seems like milliseconds in retrospect. Looking back, we see all the things we could have done differently or better (like treating our first child like we treat our third child...then they would all be wonderful and easy).

When I look back at the blur of yesterdays, one of my most heart-breaking regrets is missing the cool, long sweater coats from the winter of 2001. I was pregnant. Try as I may, I could not pull off this beautiful new fashion with me and a fetus wearing it. I did not panic or cry. Instead, I vowed I would try with all my heart to bring back the long sweater jackets the next winter. "Bring back long, cool sweater jackets with the wrap-around belt" was my 2002 new year's resolution.

However, winter 2002 blew in and NO ONE would comply with my "Bring Back the Sweater Jacket" campaign. Try as I may to talk up the sweater jacket (strategically beginning September of 2002), no one around me would wear them! I had to pull myself together and come to grips with the fact that my long-awaited coolness in a long, sweater coat with the cool wrap around belt would forever be, but a dream.

I will forever hold my loss over Hayden's head. When he's a teenager, he will not hear me say, "I was in labor for 48 hours with you, how could you....?" Oh no. He will hear, "I missed the long, cool sweater jacket trend because you were living, rent-free in my stomach"

In my opinion, one of the only perks of being done with the season of life where you allow another wonderful human being to take up residence in your belly, eat your food. and turn your body into something out of a science fiction movie,  is you will never have to miss another fashion trend.

Putting the past behind us...Let's vow to look forward...and face the newest fashion frenzy head on.

Leggings are back in ladies. I believe they followed the side-pony through the fashion door we children of the 80's vowed would forever stay shut. Who left their post guarding the door? Huh? Who?

So, this post is to beseech help from the cool girls who read this blog. You know who you are. We mothers of multiples don't have time to do our homework. We hardly have time to put our clothes on, much less go figure out what's cool to wear these days. I'm positive I speak for all of us when I say, we were sure we had already been there, done that, worn the long t-shirts! Left to our own leggings demise, where our leggings ended, layered, colorful socks would begin. We would surely look like the lady above, only we would not be baring our mid-drifts...oh no...motherhood has a way of making mid-drifts resemble meatloaf.

But, we will wear leggings. Oh yes, we're going to wear them. We just need you to show us how. And be specific. We need websites and how-tos, do-it-yourself-guides and diagrams. Some of us live on very little sleep. Pictures drawn with crayons will illicit the best response. We'll put them on the refrigerator and clap for you. It's our conditioned response when we see anything drawn with Crayolas.

Today, Kirby came through for all of us...visit her blog!


Lyns said...

Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming to be one of the younger women teaching the older women on this matter. I could use a little help in the style department myself. However, I could not withhold valuable information pertaining to this subject found conveniently on the Today Show!

Oh my goodness! I have also been wondering what to do with this spandex thing of the 80s. My jaw dropped and hit the floor when I saw them in stores this Spring. I vowed I would never fall into this fad. However, after seeing them worn in classy yet stylish ways, they are growing on me. But, I'm still not there yet. I remember seeing a segment on the Today show and I found it- video and all!

Quote from the show:"Our rule is if you wore the trend once, don’t wear it a second time. But in the case of leggings, we’re amending that to: If you wore the trend once, don’t wear it the same way the second time. Last time out, young women wore leggings to be provocative and sexy, and because of the way they were worn — with high heels, leather jackets, big hair, bigger earrings and dark lips — the look came off as, well, trashy.”

Here is the link. I hope that you enjoy! These women look cute!

Lyns said...

p.s. I'm so proud- my longest post yet! Just warming up for the ole' Kramer blog in the making.....

Judy said...

This is scary. I never thought I would see the day that LEGGINGS would make a come back! What's even scarier is that I sound like my mom when the flare/bell-bottom jean came back into style...and I thought she sounded "old".

Ignoring the fact that I might sound like what I fear most....I must say that these ARE NOT COOL! I've seen all the young, hip celebrities trying to wear them, and I just watched the Today's Show video on the "older", "more sophisticated" women trying to make them look cool. I don't just seems all wrong.

BHG & Co. said...

First side ponies, now this?!?!

One of the worst things about my short life was the 80s... it took me all the 90s to recover from the 80s!

Even as I type, I am reminded that Miami Vice is going to be a movie soon, the reprucussion are more than frightening. I mean previous 80s movies have sort of made fun of the eighties (Wedding Singer and Nap. Dynamite), but this one hasthe danger of creating the illusion that there was something good about that dreadful decade. This could be a catastrophe of Biblical proportion!

For the record, if feathered hair and parachute pants come back I may spontaneously combust or worse... I could start rolling up my pant-legs again.


BHG & Co. said...

One more thing....

A paragraph in your bost concerned me...

"I will forever hold my loss over Hayden's head. When he's a teenager, he will not hear me say, "I was in labor for 48 hours with you, how could you....?" Oh no. He will hear, "I missed the long, cool sweater jacket trend because you were living, rent-free in my stomach...the least you could do is put tee-tee where it belongs, even in the wee hours of the night." "

In all my years with teenagers, it is true, sometimes the least a 14-yr old boy can do is tee-tee in the appropriate place at the appropriate time... and at times, with some, you even wonder about that.

the Apels said...


I am SOOOO ON this assignment! And am so THRILLED to do this! When Lynsey told me to go check your blog b/c I was gonna be excited about the subject of "leggings" I could barely stand the 10 minute car-ride seemed like an hour! I was just telling the girls in my HG last week that I was gonna sport the one seemed to enthuised....but I told them they'd all be soon joining me...once they saw how cute I looked in 'em! A

And by the way, I thanked God all last week that I would be pregnant during this trend b/c this is one that WILL work when pregnant...can you imagine my big belly sticking out of a cute long shirt or dress with lace leggings underneath? I can hardly stand the thought of it...I feel like Ashton whenever he sees cake!!

Don't worry ladies...I will be doing my research--diagrams, pictures, what-to-do, what-NOT-to-do, for pregnant and none-pregnant women alike! We will be sporting some very cute, and modestly covered legs, I'll have you know.

And, Heather, I sympathize with you on the whole long sweaters with the belt...I LOVED that trend! I am STILL waiting for it to come back....oh, and it will, so we'll just look forward to the winter when it does.

I'll be getting back to you ladies soon...and those of you who are grimacing right better wipe that off-b/c you, too, will soon see the cuteness of this revived fashion! PROMISE!-Kirby

Hendrick Family said...

Kirby to the rescue! We are all going to be stunning. Even Judy. Yes mam!

The Garratts said...

I have to go with Judy on this. I don't know about the whole leggings things. I think you have to be Lindsay Lohan to get away with it.

I'm Scared!


Judy said...

Ashley....I KNEW out of every one of us, you would be on board with me! You will all have to REALLY do something huge with leggings to win me over.

Now..if I had little bity supermodel legs like certain people I know, then YES...I would wear them....maybe...nope...can't do it then either.

The Garratts said...

Now I can sport the side pony, even though it makes your neck really hot.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Oh my, I don't know how long this legging talk has been going on, but it's cracking me up.
I'll see you all in long sweater coats next winter. I was also pregnant.
I will have a long talk with my Bible Study girls about this legging thing.
Much prayer shall go into it.
p.s. Judy, you DO have supermodel legs. Cherish them as long as you can.

winslows04 said...

Okay, so I'm not the biggest blogger in the world, but this was too big of a deal to pass up. Judy, Ashley, you two are officially the most discerning women I know. This leggings thing...horrific. I'm really sorry Kirby, Heather, and whoever else is going to drop yourselves to this level. I sincerely hope you prove me wrong. But in the mean time, I needed to express my concern about this new-wanna-be-back-in-style trend!

the Apels said...

Heather...everyone is AGAINST us! YIKES! I've got a LOT of good stuff...good pics...I'll send 'em to you!

Lyns said...

Thanks for your stylish insight, Kirby. I guess the video and novel of a post (with disclaimer) still wasn't enough to convince legging lovers that the fashion experts on the Today Show have got it all figure out in the legging department.

I do think those women look pretty cute! But, I'm still not wearing them. I think I will be one of those people who see people wearing leggings and say,"She looks really trendy and cute!" But, I can't help but wonder if these will stick around a while like capris, gauchos, and flared legs. Then what?

My favorite trend has been long length shirts!!!!! Oh my goodness. This has changed my life (fashionably speaking). I can now wear a shirt that I don't have to sit and pull on all day or when I sit down. Please, let that trend stay forever.

Lyns said...

p.s. I think it is funny that bhg&co is the only dude that has posted on this topic! You are brave- women + 80s fashions= scary

Hendrick Family said...

Don't you fear, cute Kirby. I believe whole-heartedly that no good idea is ever fully-supported in the beginning. If it were, it would not be a good idea. It would just be what everyone was already doing. I prefer the narrow road and being in the minority. So...keep working on your legging proposal. I can't wait to see it. In Crayola or not, I will clap and put it on the frig.

Here's my prediction:

Ashley won't wear them, but she will tell us we are cute...and she will even wear her hair in a side pony to show her love and devotion to us.

Judy won't wear them because she hates her legs. If these were arm leggings, she would wear them. But, she will admit a good thing if she sees us in them and honestly approves.

Lynsey will wear them because she looks good in everything.

I'll wear them because I can imagine I look good in everything.

Jenn will wear them because she loves me so much, she will support me at any cost, as long as she doesn't have to sin to do so. I'm sure she will consult the word, praying there is something in there about not wearing leggings, but will come up, you will see her in them because she always has my back even if it means she has to wear leggings.

Christina will not wear them, but if we voted, we would all agree, she would be the cutest in this new trend were she to succumb.

Bring it on, Kirby...I'm eager to see how my prediction works out.

Hendrick Family said...

Oh, and I left out Bill. I predict that if Bill starts wearing leggings, this is something he should keep to himself.

wingnut said...

Heather, do you think Bill will wear them? You left him out of your prediction.

wingnut said...

nevermind, you posted the same time as me.

Chelsea said...

Oh I was sitting here pondering about the leggings discussion I was thinking about how my freshman year I wore these black "kinda leggings"...but these were long dance pants from high school drill team WITH cotton shorts over them. EVERY WEEK! I have done it in the more recent years as well and never realized I would be semi-conforming to the leggings trend.

WOW! Well, Kirby is trying hard to convience me that this whole leggings ordeal is "cute" but it is going to take a while for me..but I have never claimed to be trendy. :)

I am ready to see these "cute" pictures Kirby! Also, I think you need to clarify the lace leggings comment after Heathers picture!

the Apels said...

Haha...okay...the lace leggings..I can't find a pic of the ones I saw the other day on Hilary Duff...but she wore some cute ones...that were simple..but I love the ones that are solid black, with a little lace on the end--it has to be simple detail-otherwise it's WAY over the top!

Living Hope Moms said...

Oh my--The ones with the black lace at the bottom were the kind I wore in the 8th grade.

My prediction is no one will wear them. I think they are like ugs, you think they are cute but only Hollywood wears them.

I hope someone does, just so I can wear a side pony!!!

The Garratts said...

Ok that last response was me.


The Garratts said...


The Garratts said...

Ok really I think that I am just mad because I don't have the long beautiful legs to sport them.

Wishing my legs were longer,

PS- I wish I was a little bit talla, wish I was a balla!

the Apels said...

HAHA...Ash, I was laughing out loud sooooo hard I almost fell out of my chair! i love're too funny!

Hendrick Family said...

Kirby to the rescue! Go see!

the Apels said...


I'll have you know that the long, belted sweaters are making it back this fall/winter. They are some what of a modified version...thinner-more cardigan-like...but they will be back, none the less!-Kirby

BHG & Co. said...

Oh wow.... it is amazing how this has grown since last I posted.

And, FOR THE RECORD... although I have the longest legs on this post, I will not be wearing the legging trend... and since I am no longer under control of sadistic "What can I make Bill do on stage this week" drama lady, no one can make me.....

those disallusioned with the leggings, but still wanting to go 80's... I am selling my parachute pants on e-bay!


Hendrick Family said...

Oh being the only man to comment on leggings was a HOT topic at the swimming pool today amongst a bunch of us laughing ladies. You brought us some laughter today...just wanted you to know that you were cracking us up, even from miles and miles away!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I just saw Kirby's research, and she is good. I have no real feelings about leggings right now. But I'm pretty sure we need to plan a girl's night out, where we all sport them at least once. If not, what has this all been for? I'm in, I'm brave, and I have a cool new tanning lotion for my legs.

Your Homie for Life! said...

Ok Ladies,
I would like help with fashion as well. I am 22 with two beautiful little girls and I only wear jeans in tees all the time! I need help!
I am not sure about the leggings because i am only 4'10".

Ana Williams

Andy said...

It's with a heavy heart that I say this, but unfortunately the trends in Europe have progressed much more quickly than in the U.S. and the 80s are back in full swing there...mullets and all. I can live with leggings but I pray the mullets don't make the transatlantic voyage to the U.S.