Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day Aaron!

What a mighty good man I married! Aaron, there simply are not words to describe how I feel about you or how thankful I am that you’re mine. I love being your wife. I love being the mother of your children.

I love you, Aaron. Deeply, deeply love you.



Brooke said...

these days i've been a little emotional..... thanks a lot for adding more tears to the count.

heather, i think you're pretty incredible. i am so grateful to have learned from your life and watch you be a mom and wife who lives according to the Word. it's pretty cool that i can read what you wrote aaron and know the reality of how your marriage and his leadership has made you a better wife, mom, friend, and mentor. this morning we talked about discipleship and how to follow Jesus' example. i was blown away by just thinking about how you mentored me and let me be a part of your family's everyday life. Mark 3:13-14 tells of how Jesus called his disciples to "be with Him" and then He could later send them out to preach. there aren't many people here that have had that amazing opportunity. just to "be with"/watch everyday life of a mentor or discipler. this is how we're taught here to disciple others and i just want you to know that i'm so glad you played that role in my life so i can go out and do the same across the world. so, i just wanted you to know that i'm grateful for you and i love you. i miss you and your family terribly. i think anson is absolutely precious. i'm glad he got to see d.o. too. i hope you're enjoying the summer and the pool! love you, brooke

p.s. that probably should've just been an e-mail.... kinda lengthy. but i think it's ok if the blogging world knows how great i think you are. :)

Vanessa Brooks said...

awwwww... pants, thats so sweet...