Thursday, May 11, 2006

We're Bloggers!

I never thought I would succumb to this whole whacky phenomenon called the blog...partially because the word blog makes my mouth sick...partially because the word blog sounds like something you should call someone you don't particularly care for...."stupid blog." However, my utter adoration of the wonderful people in my home greatly outweighs my abhorrence for the word blog. So, I will now proceed to blog away about all things Hendrick. These amazing people I have the pleasure of living life with every day will now be given their proper praise through the vehicle of the blasted blog.

Oh...and the word blog, sounds a lot like clog...which never ever conjures up images that are noble, right, pure, lovely or admirable...which means we shouldn't think about the word blog and how it rhymes with clog. So stop it.


Paul said...

Aaron and Heather,

We glad to see you guys are blogging! Come visit our when you have time.

Paul and Becky

Karen said...

What a handsome group of young men you have there. They are all so adorable! PS I love reading this blog!

Renee Lewis said...

I have been following your blog off and on for about 3 years. Personally I have often been challenged and encouraged through your words. I am wife to one sweet fella and mother to 2 precious girls 14,and 10. We are a home school family of 9 years. My girls are both sooo interested in missions and especially my oldest! Sarah Grace has been reading everything she can find written by missionaries about thier personal life experiences. I can't think of anything more realistic than your blog! So we begin our journey. My girls and I, of reading your entire blog from the beginning!! Looking forward to how God will use your families life to bless and grow my girls in their faith! Thanks for sharing the Journey God had called you to!! and so we begin!