Thursday, May 18, 2006

We Need a New Name

We are awful people...we, as in the wife Hendrick.

We plagiarized the super, Supercinski's blog name.

We might as well name our next kid Josiah.

Even though this act of stupidity was really and truly an accident...

We, as in the wife Hendrick, feel really bad about it.

So...we need a new, creative name. Any ideas?

What about Hendrick Hoodoo?

Aaron doesn’t think alliteration is mandatory…so we’ll take any ideas you’ve got.


Shovel said...

Thor, Magnus, Jebediah, Samson, Christopher, Heimdall

Thomas said...

It really isn't that big of a deal that you used a similar name as our blog. Perhaps a 'j/k' in my comment would have helped out. It makes us feel bad that you self-loathed, that's no good for you or anyone and isn't inline with truth, so stop it. Also, we never stopped liking you. Further, I really liked the idea of inspiring others, at least in something or another, not to mention something as vital as blog naming. Perhaps 'All Things' could become the next big brand, a la 'Google'.

As for another name for yours, we have a friend that named his blog (he has since changed it) 'J's Super Internet Experience and Laser Light Show'. I thought that was kind of catchy and made me excited to visit his blog, I never knew what I might find, you know?

Anonymous said...

Alliteration is cool...hoodoo sounds almost like voodoo..
What about...
Whole Lotta Hendrick
The Hendrick Factor

D.O. said...

- The DaHendrick Code
- Winter Wonder-Hendrick
- D.O.
- HbElNoDgRgIiCnKg
- AHAHA(and so on)
- How to lose weight

Just some suggestions... do what you will with them.

Aaron (of Aaron and the Bombastics) said...

since I have yet to post on the "hendrick" blog, I'll put in my vote ...

How to lose weight is deffintely my favorite.

Or maybe it could just change all the time.

Paul Schafer said...

Here are some good names for your blog.

Hendricks of Lilliput
Humble Hendricks
Happy Hendricks
Happening Hendricks
What about Bob?

The Garratts said...

Any of those ideas are much more creative than ours. "The Garratts".

But I am with Aaron and DO, I like How to Lose Weight.

Does that mean something?

Heather said...

The Supercinski's are so sweetski. I quit with the self-loathing. It was short lived. I know you were just kidding! However, this whole name stealing thing has brought about something wonderful. Constantly changing the name of our blog is now going to be Aaron's contribution to our page. never know what it will say at the top when you visit us.

Lyns said...

I'm so loving the name! I checked back just to see was has become of the name game. Is there a hidden meaning or message I'm missing?

I think the next name should for sure be 'Hendrick Smendrick'. As should the Garratts be 'Garratt Smarratt'. If we ever end up with a blog it will be 'Coffee Kramer'. I love it!

Thanks for all of the laughs and deep thoughts about things I didn't know possible- pilates, boogers, names. Love U Guys!

Brandon said...

I have some ideas:

-"Bull Corn"
-"Don't Stop, Get it, Get it"
-"Boyz to Men: People Heather Lives With (ABCBBD)"
-"Funundrums" (ya know...kinda like "conundrum" mixed with "fun"...)
-"AH! AHA!" (you guys' initials)
-"A Plausible Privy" (privy being defined as a secluded place to think...not as a latrine)
-"Kangaroos Have Pouches, We Have a Blog" with these, I think they're golden...(not really)

Brandon said...

I just noticed that D.O. laid claim to AHAHA - (though without the exclamation points that I added) - therefore, I feel like a fool. That is all.

BHG & Co. said...

Coming up with creative names (especially on-the-spot, under pressure) is tough... but when it's for someone else, it always seems easier... why is that?

It looks as though you have plenty to cylce through. Maybe this one will make the cut:

"Heather's High-Coo Corner"

see ya 'round

Lisa said...

What about Hendrick HayDays AllKindsofHendrick...those would be my 2 contributions

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.