Friday, May 12, 2006

A Side Pony Walked into MY HOUSE!

Yes, really happened.

I've seen hints of the side ponytail's come back. I thought I saw one at LH walking down the hall between the 9 and 11. I definitely saw one on Poppy Montgomery's character on Without a Trace. Then, one had the audacity to walk into my house just last night.

It's official. The side pony has made a come back. This will be my very first time to see something I did in elementary school come back with gusto...the stinkin' side pony tail mocks says, "You're getting old. There is a gap between you and the young ones." It even had the guts to walk into my very own living room...sticking its tongue out at me on my own turf. That poor girl, sporting the off-centered pony had NO IDEA her hair and I were having it out.

I think I need counseling. The return of the side pony has sent me into a downward spiral.


Garratts said...

I love side ponies. Reese wore one yesterday to Eric's grad. party. We did it just for you. Maybe you could see it again some time.

Brandon said...

I am excited about this kiddin'. Few humans have the chance to peer into the enigma of the Hendrick family, but now...the whole world has eyes to see these mysteries unveiled.