Friday, May 12, 2006

I Cried All the Way Home

May May, go away, come again some other day.

I've often thought it would take super human strength to watch so many precious people come into our lives...and then walk out of it.

Who can do this?

These wonderfully brilliant people walk in, plop themselves down on the sofa of my soul...where we've shared some of the most magnificent conversations, ideas, thoughts, gut-wrenching laughter...then they get up...we have a BBQ...and they are gone.

Will Tuesdays ever be the same?

I said good-bye to my sweet girls over BBQ today. On the way there, I reminded my boys to give our girls lots and lots of love and hugs, because it would be a long time until we got to see them again.

Anson began to cry.

I joined him.

I want you girls to know (along with D.O. and "Att" Graham...) you have touched our lives. You've touched our children's lives. I realized today, that none of them even remember life with out you in it! You have played large roles in their little worlds. The highlight of their week is the night when you all come over. "Are we there yet" has never made it into their vocabulary...but..."Is it Tuesday yet" sure has.

We will miss you. All of you.

I'll miss Lauren's smell and your hand motions while you talk.

I'll miss D.O.'s pessimism and servant heart. I'll miss how much you help my sweet husband.

I'll miss Matt's whackiness and creativity. I've never met someone more creative. Never. Use your powers for good, Matt...always for good. Words and ideas don't make things happen. People do. I believe you are destined to be one of those people.

I'll miss laughing at Claire. You're so funny. We all know it. But, you're beautiful too. One day you're going to see what we see. You won't believe what we all see when we see you!

I'll miss Jessica. The whole world should stop and take notes when you talk. You amaze me. You've made us laugh. You've made us cry. I've never seen someone so strong and yet equally humble. You make us proud.

I'll miss my Brook-e. Oh Brooke! I've learned so much from you. Thank you for being honest with me and letting me learn. Your honest introspection has saved our family from many, many mistakes. I am forever indebted. I will miss you terribly. Terribly.
You've all made me cry today...that cry that causes a headache. On the way home I thought..."Hmmm...this pain...this deep sadness I feel right now is probably why it would be a lot easier to just let these wonderful people float by instead of inviting them to sit a spell on my sofa." Love hurts. Knowing others can be painful.

However, I would not trade this headache for anything. I've loved loving you. I've loved learning from you. I've loved seeing you love the Lord. If I could make enough sweet tea to make you stay...I'd start making it right now and never stop.

I will miss looking up on that stage and my breath being taken away. For a moment, I can't sing. I can only look at each of you...Matt being brilliant, Brooke being Brooke, Jessica and D.O. standing with my husband worshipping the Lord with makes me cry...every single time. The same awe-inspiring God that made you, makes me stand in awe as I watch your giftedness displayed in all His glory. I have never been more proud of a group of people. I've never been more blessed than when I see you blessing the Lord.

When Aaron got home, we stood in the kitchen, holding each other...crying.

We've been reminded today how very human we are.

We love you.

They should make some sort of medicine for May.


Hendrick Family said...

I agree with everything Heather said ... of course she said it prettier than I ever could.

- Aaron

D.O. said...

oh gracious... well I agree with everything too, but I'd like some unpacking on my label of pessimistic. I'm sure I speak for everyone mentioned that our lives without you (or, with less of you) will be equally as hard as y'alls with less of us. I love you Hendrick's so much, and I mean it. I'm not even playing. I love you.

schmale said...

This has been one of the saddest weekends ever. Telling you goodbye, Hendricks, is certainly one of the hardest parts of the whole deal. You bless my life more than I could tell you.


schmale said...

Heather and Aaron,
This is probably a comment you didn't expect. As Jessica's mom, Julie,I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in my dear daughter's college life. As a mom, what an amazing blessing to send your all grown up baby, the most precious person in the world to you,into the world and then watch her blossom into all God intended her to be. That's what A&M has been to our Jessica and your church, but more importantly your family and your home, have been the heart of where that has happened for our daughter. Thank you for speaking into her life all the things that we have seen all along, but it means much more when those she loves outside of the family see them and speak them too. Thank you for encouraging her in all the gifts that God put into her to give to the world.Thank you for giving her a home and hearts that loved her enough to give her a couch to "sit a spell" on. Thank you for risking your own hearts and your dear children's hearts to open them to her and make her comfortable there. Never quit opening your hearts up to these young adults passing through. The enemy would have you believe it is too painful and much too risky, but God knows that the things you do for them lasts throughout their lives and into eternity. Isn't that what we are here for, to be Jesus to all those called into our lives to "sit a spell" and then send them out into the world to be the same to many more needing to "sit a spell" with someone who truly cares enough to listen. I have a framed picture on my stairs next to the front door that says, "come in an sit a spell". I remember when I hung it there that Jessica commented she hadn't heard that saying before. Thank you for teaching her depth of what it means, caring enough to open your home and heart, stopping the next thing on your list and putting the world on hold, to invite someone onto your couch or into your kitchen with a sweet glass of ice tea and making yourself comfortable for as long as it takes to listen and love and be Jesus to them, so they can in turn, do the same for others down the road. You won't realize the reward of what you have done till Jesus shows you the outcome in heaven. Words are not sufficient to tell you how thankful I am to your family. I pray that as your children start to fly away from the nest that they will find homes like yours to land in.
Julie Schmale

Brooke said...

i keep thinking there are no tears left... and then it hits me... again. leaving today was so hard. as i was driving away from college station on hwy. 6 i thought i had finally gained composure so i could actually see where i was driving and especially so i wouldn't scare all the people passing me. and then it hit again.... heather, i thought about you and your family and the flood gates opened. i love you and i love your family. i thought about all our talks in your old house and then more at your house now. i really loved those times with you. i don't know anyone (really anyone) that's directly challenged me to live out the truth of God's word more than you have. that's a gift i will always treasure. i don't deserve the way you love me. aaron, i'm really glad you (and heather) encouraged me.... or really told me i was doing praise team. i've enjoyed learning from you and respect the way you sacrifice for others and lead with excellence. and as for my favorite little boys: i absolutely adore yall and can't wait to see pictures of you growing up over the next two years. (and then i'll for sure have to make a trip to c.s. to visit and see for myself) ok... this little comment has pretty much turned into a letter. but, i think people should read how special i think you are... so a super long comment it will have to be) i love yall!!!

Hendrick Family said...

Thank you, Mrs. Julie, amazing mother of Jessica...or "Ettica" as Ashton calls her.

I must admit...I could only read a little and then cry a a little...cry a lot...

You blessed me. One thing I didn't add in the original message was that before Aaron and I cried together...this happened...

He walked into the kitchen where I stood and announced with tears in his eyes..."We can not like any more of them." That's when the crying started.

I read your whole note to us and was so encouraged and're right...this is part of our call here in this deeply love them for but a moment.

But, I must say, I panicked when I read the last part...about when my kids fly out of here...that's when the crying turned to was too much.

I can't even take your kids leaving here. Whatever am I going to do when it's my own kids? Is there a college in your town?

Thank you for your sweet words.

Cwaire said...

I am going to have to jump on this love train right now for this family that I did not expect to come into my life. I thought I had it made...I came to college excited about my independence. I made it a couple of years just fine...coasting through the early college days and enjoying myself to the fullest...or so I thought. One day the Lord hit me upside the head and brought me to Living Hope. Shortly after I walked into the Hendrick home not knowing that it would be the beginning of an amazing friendship. Heather and Aaron, that first hope group with y'all changed the core. You opened your home to me in a way that no one had before. You met me and loved me exactly where I was at...confused as all get out!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for your patience with me as I figured out where I fit into our church and for your guidence in my life over the past two years. As I left the house today I told my mom that I could probably cry on demand for the rest of the day, and reading this blog has absolutely drained the flood gates once again! I love you and your kids so much more than I could ever put into words. Heather, you are an inspiration to me every day and Aaron your leadership over that house astounds me! Anson...I love you like my little brother and I love the way you love your little brothers. Hayden, I love how you love life and your joy that fills every room you are in. Since Ashton and Danny can't read, I'll just say that I love those two little boys so much! Hendrick family, I love you...I cannot say it enough. This is not the end...I promise!