Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heather Hendrick, Certified Pilates Instructor

I've been sitting here all week writing a kid's play for church. My rear-end began formed an evil conspiracy with my legs and shoulder blades...they all went on strike. So, I decided to go to Body Flow at the gym.

I had two simple goals: a. to walk again. b. for my rear-end to wake up from it's long, deep slumber

While standing barefoot on my mat, I decided that the class should NOT be called Body Flow.

It should be called Body Origami. Although the class is freakishly quiet, my body is screaming, "Are we trying to get me in shape, or tie-dye me?"

Everyone in class is bending beautifully, gracefully and silently.

Everyone but me.

I feel like Chris Farley at a Christian Women's Club luncheon.
I decide I love my teacher.

I want to teach Pilates.
Mainly for the sweater.
While standing on one leg and stretching the other leg all the way to the photo lab at HEB across the street, I imagined how it must feel to say, "I teach Pilates."

That's got to be right up there with, "I'm a medical doctor."

I want to be my teacher.

Her soft voice.

Her serenity...tranquility.

The mercy in her eyes when she looks at me.
I wonder if she’s on something.

She must be. Either she's on something, or she's a super hero.

Her breathy, calm intonation is powerful.
She says, “Reach your tail bone up and touch the ceiling” as though it’s a realistic possibility.
That’s a gift.
I’m actually disappointed when my tail bone won’t comply.
I’ve never been so disenchanted with my tail bone.
She defies gravity...with her legs.

She takes them, pulls them up by her ears, wraps them around and around until...her legs become Princess Leah buns on the side of her head...
And with a smile on her face, she coolly encourages me to do the same.

Legs that double as a popular hair-do.

I'm going to have that one day.








All Pilates instructors talk very slow. I’m practicing.
I’m off to take down my braided buns, set them back on the floor and start writing scene 3.


Brooke said...

i just had to go back a day to this blog. my creative brain is not running-over with ideas for your most recent conundrum... so i want to back up to the pilates entry. heather: you're hilarious. i mean really... i think this is my favorite entry yet. seriously, after i read the part where you said pilates instructors talk really slow, i went back and read it out loud really slow. i'm sure i sounded like an crazy person... but it was a fun moment.

Hendrick Family said...

I can ALWAYS count on you Brookie poo.