Thursday, May 11, 2006

Aahhh Sushi

My friend Jenn has been talking about her Sunday night Sushi since I met her. I've never eaten it. I've always wanted to. I think cool people eat Sushi. Actually, if you're really cool, you write a book and use Sushi in the title. Writers who title things with the word sushi are superstars in my book.

I've even ventured over to the sushi bar at HEB. Actually, it's not a bar. Now it may be, but at one point it was just a pile of ice with some sushi on it. Iced Sushi. That's disturbing.

I've given sushi a once-over many times at HEB not fully understanding what all the riot is about these strange looking rice rolls. I felt lost. Alone. Left to ponder the magic of the sushi. Would I ever be in the in crowd of sushi connoisseurs? I thought it was highly unlikely. It troubled me.

Then I find a friend who basically introduces herself by saying, "Hi, my name is Jenn and I eat Sushi on my friend and I'll be your ticket to coolness." She didn't really say that. It's just what I heard.

So, last Sunday night after our very last Excellent Wife class, we toasted a beautiful semester with some California Rolls. I loved them. My favorite part of the whole sushi coolness is that intoxicating sauce...WASABE. Holy cow. I love it. I love how it tastes. I love how it burns my nose hairs. I love how it sets my sinuses on fire. I love how it sounds coming out of my mouth..."it" as in the word, not the sauce. I did manage to keep the actual sauce inside my mouth. Wasabe. I could sing songs about it. I could write a poem about it. Wasabe. When I say it, I automatically feel like I'm bilingual. It's like I'm saying something in Japanese...or whatever language the people speak who have created wonderful wasabe. But, my favorite thing to do
is find ways to use the word wasabe. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Instead of saying, "Want some of me?" you can say, "Wasabe?" That's terrific fun.

Instead of saying, "I'm sorry" you can say, "Waaaaa-sabe." It's beautiful.

Here's to Jenn. Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of wasabe. Here's to eating it. Here's to saying it.

Woo-who for Wasabe.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Wow! I've never felt so famous.
Not just famous by assocation,(which is the norm) but truly famous. More famous than the day I won the fourth grade spelling bee. (See I told you I could spell.) More famous than when I made the UIL Typing team. More famous, even, than when I married the amazing Dr. Bacak! (But not BETTER than when I married T.A.D.B. Let's make that clear.) I'm so glad sushi has changed your life. You were cool to begin with, but you are that much cooler now!

brooke said...

heather.... i'm so glad you've entered the blogging world! and i can i just say that you are SO funny!!! sushi is a great thing to discover.

Carmen said...

You are hilarious!! It is going to be so fun to catch up with the Hendricks and get to know your individual personalities. Anson is a wonderful story teller, my boys will enjoy communicating with him and reading about his latest adventures. And YOU are an incredibly, articulate writer. Ever think about becoming an author? (after child rearing, of course) Very talented. I hope you are making 'hard copies' of all of this to keep in a file for future reference.
Look, blogging IS fun!
PS What's Sushi without the Wababi? Jim would eat it daily if we could.